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National Cathedral

Work on National Cathedral venture suspended over deficient assets

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Work on the National Cathedral task has been suspended, the Executive Director of the venture has unveiled.
Dr Paul Opoku-Mensah said the Secretariat has run out of funding to back the development.
He made this disclosure on Tuesday when the Redeem Christian Church of God gave to the Secretariat.
“We have the project workers and their staff nearby, yet the work has been suspended. We are trusting that inside the following a long time, as a feature of our raising support and different drives we can start work once more,” he expressed.

As per him, “our capacity to finish this work distinctly relies upon Ghanaians supporting it.”

The much-discussed project reemerged in the media space recently after debates encompassing the supporting of the task elevated.
The Finance Minister had reported that a measure of ¢25 million had been delivered to the venture experts in May 2022.
This was the second time cash labeled as “seed cash” was being delivered with the exception of that in the main example the sum included was $25million and it was said to have been paid in November 2020.
In spite of the issuance of around three press explanations, many were as yet hazy in their psyches about the supporting game plans for the development of the Cathedral which had been portrayed by the President as “fundamentally important of needs”.

Nonetheless, Dr Opoku-Mensah has asked Ghanaians to help the reason.
As per him, the desire must be actualised in the event that the general population joins together and add to the structure of the building.
“The cash may be large concerning volume yet if without a doubt we have 21 million Christians and 1,000,000 can give us ₵100 per month for a year, we can undoubtedly finish this in time.
“I will not really accept that that we can’t get 1,000,000 Ghanaians out of the 21 million Christians to help this. I actually have confidence in the Ghanaian and I am sure that we will do this,” he said.

The general population began scrutinizing the venture’s wellspring of supporting when the North Tongue MP, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, put out reports showing that a sum to ¢200 million has been doled out towards the development of the undertaking.
These monies, he said, were doled out without plan of action to parliamentary cycles or severe public obtainment rehearses.
As per Mr Ablakwa, the Akufo-Addo organization previously declared the venture as a private and individual vow; be that as it may, public assets are currently guided to work with the undertaking.

He added that the consideration of the National Cathedral’s Executive Director on the roll of Presidential Staffers additionally goes against the law.
“At the point when you go through the rundown of Board of Trustees, this man of honor [Dr Paul Opoku Mensah] who has been enrolled here as the Executive Director of the Secretariat, a Secretariat introduced as a confidential substance, has likewise been enrolled as a Presidential staff member and his situation there is a regulator of the National Cathedral.
“For what reason is the Ghanaian citizen paying someone who works for a confidential leading group of legal administrators?” he tested.

His disclosures has since gotten numerous compelling people and strain bunches scrutinizing the straightforwardness and responsibility of government.

Beginning of National Cathedral
The structure of the Cathedral satisfies a promise President Akufo-Addo uncovered he made to God prior to winning the 2016 decisions.
In 2019, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, said the development of the National Cathedral is assessed to cost more than $100 million.

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It has since been altered to $340 million.

The public authority has previously wrecked all designs on the proposed site to build the National Cathedral at Ridge in Accra, and work is advancing.
It is additionally booked to be dispatched on March 6, 2024.

The 5,000-seater hall undertaking will likewise give to the country a charitable public park for all Ghanaians, bring new abilities, innovation and occupations, and go about as a signal to public, local and global sightseers.


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