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“When I talk, you don’t talk nonsense” – Agradaa’s “son” accuses the journalist in court

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Nana Agradaa’s spiritual son living in Germany has returned from his base to attend her trial on October 13, 2022 in the money-doubling fraud and quack advertising case.

Agradaa, whose real name is Patricia Asiedua, was rejected by the court for the second time and remanded in custody until the next hearing scheduled for Monday, October 17.

Speaking to reporters outside court after the court ruled on the bail application, the gentleman known only as Sammy stressed that his ‘mother’ understood the process he was going through.

He described the episode as one of mob work, while refusing to mention possible detractors behind it. “It’s all made up lies, if you look at the evidence presented in court, it’s all lies, but it’s normal, she understands.”

While speaking to a reporter for Kofi TV, a YouTube channel, he was interrupted by a journalist who tried to question his mother’s actions, and that’s when he turned and insulted the journalist.
“Is it that when you put money in the offering bowl, you write your name in it? Hey, hey, hey, listen to me; If I’m talking, you’re not talking nonsense. I’m talking to you? I said that when I speak, don’t talk nonsense,” he attacked the journalist.
“Which church in Ghana do people give offerings with their names on money. They are all fabricated lies,” he emphasized.

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