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WAEC’s admonition shot

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WAEC’s admonition shot. At the point when the continuous WASSCE started, we were confident that this time, there would be no embarrassments. Our position was pivoted upon the way that past embarrassments pulled in an adequate number of approvals and scorching editorials. We seem to have everything wrong. The grown-up cheats and the children they convey along are currently at it, tragically.

One of the accounts in this issue is about the WAEC advance notice that they have spotted assessment organizations effectively denouncing the honesty of the continuous WASSCE.

Basically a few inconsistencies have been spotted and the probability of assents is being applied to some defaulting schools and even people.

It is miserable and deplorable that after such countless lessons about the negativities of assessment misbehaviors, the oddity continues, with the entertainers being people who ought to have been guaranteeing the sacredness of the cycle.

In our critique, when the assessments started, we expressed that the people who participate in such abnormalities are giving extraordinary raw deal to society.

We wish to rehash that such people are making moral harm our picture as a country. WAEC, as a local assessments body, has a standing to watch thus do we, as a corporate substance, a nation called Ghana. When in this way, assessment misbehaviors are being propagated by an organization and nearly in any event, turning into an industry, we should all brace our flanks to battle the normal enemy.

More stressing is the way that some school specialists are excusing the utilization of unapproved contraptions to work with assessment robbery.

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Have such school specialists deserted their essential job of embellishment our future chiefs?

The people who energize and try and participate in such abnormalities are neither fit to run schools nor depended with the errand of teaching youngsters. What pioneers would we say we are raising, who are being educated to swindle in assessment lobbies?

We have found out about how the grown-up scoundrels maintain that their schools should be perceived as the best as far as assessment results thus their retreat to such criminal inclinations. Others, on the hand, do as such for the money they hope to acknowledge from the filthy endeavor.

Our assessment uprightness is being undermined by the yearly custom of assessment corridor oddities.

Tragically, little is said about such oddities as we favor robbery committed in the political space to that.

We consider assessment lobby oddities as similarly serious and merit as much judgment as the others.

We trust the WAEC to bear down at whatever point it is important to do so and expect that exhaustive and straightforward examination would be completed on the continuous assessment to guarantee that the minutest case of cheating is managed and unequivocally so.

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