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Two-day peaceful Workshop held for 60 political youth activists in Tamale

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Around sixty (60) chosen youth pioneers from the different ideological groups in Ghana have partaken in a two-day peaceful workshop in Tamale.
The workshop was coordinated by the Tamale Archdiocesan Improvement Office (TADO) in association with the Public Harmony Board (NPC) and the Between Youth Exchange Panel (IYDC) financed by the Misereor African Division.
It occurred on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3, 2022. It was pointed in addition to other things to prepare the young who were individuals from the Between Exchange Panel to act as advertisers of harmony in their networks and their ideological groups.
The previous Northern Local Head of the Public Commission for City Training (NCCE) and supporter of the Between Youth Exchange Board, Alhaji Abdul – Razak Saani, in his invite comments, asked the young in Ghana to be harmony adoring residents.
He likewise exhorted the young, particularly the people who participate in dynamic legislative issues, not to permit lawmakers to involve them as instruments of savagery.
The previous NCCE chief, said thanks to the Public Harmony Board and the Tamale Archdiocesan Improvement Office, for arranging the preparation as he accepted it was one of the numerous ways of killing youth savagery in Ghana.
The Secretary of the Between Youth Exchange Panel and an individual from the Public Vote based Congress (NDC) party, Hajjia Hawla Mohammed Mutawakilu, in her comments, expressed that the IYDC was shaped in 2020 and finds been instrumental as one in the locale.
She likewise spoke to ideological groups to guarantee that they draw in their adolescents decidedly and not use them to incite inconveniences previously, during and after races.
Hajjia Hawla likewise offered thanks to TADO, NPC and the Misereor African Division for their help to the IYDC since its development in 2020.
“It is vital to take note of that the Between Youth Exchange Board, in 2020 General Political race, embraced elector training sensitisation utilizing radio conversation and road matching for rough free political race,” she said
She added, “thus, most races in the area have been quiet.”
On his part, the Head of norsaac and an individual from the Northern Local Harmony Board Alhaji Mohammed Awal showed that the young were at the focal point of each and every rough demonstration in the nation, thus sharpening them to be quiet was smart.

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He added that through the studio, the chosen youth would get familiar with the reasons for savagery and how to answer rough circumstances, comprehend peace and establish a brutality-free climate.
He likewise praised the drive and called for additional comparable projects equipped towards supporting harmony and strength in Ghana.
The Top of the Africa Division at the Misereor, Lady Maria Klatte, in her entries, swore more help of the Misereor African Office to crafted by the IYDC and TADO to help advance and support harmony in Ghana.

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