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profitable Instagram niches
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Top 11 Highly Profitable Instagram Niches in 2022

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Looking for an easy way to sell your digital products? Or who else wants to make money on the side with Profitable Instagram Niches?
With the growing popularity of social networks, this is no longer a problem. Social media usage has grown significantly over the past few years: 3.48 billion people use social media platforms. When done right, using social media for business can help you make money, promote products, and gain popularity. If you want to choose one social media platform to promote your products, make it Instagram.
The days when only big brands like Nike and GoPro could monetize Instagram are long gone. With over a billion active users, Instagram has become a powerful sales machine for brands, influencers, solopreneurs, creators, etc.

Today, consumer buying behavior has changed and people are discovering and buying products on Instagram. The numbers speak for themselves:
90% of accounts follow at least one brand on Instagram
83% of users discover new products and services on the platform
200 million Instagrammers visit at least one company profile every day
Want to know the best part? There is no need to create and sell your products to make money with Instagram.
Who can make money on Instagram?
Influencers: You don’t have to be a popular celebrity like Kylie Jenner to influence your Instagram following. Because modern users crave authenticity, they trust peer recommendations and follow opinion leaders who can suggest products and services. For influencers, this means a great opportunity to make money on Instagram.
Brands: More and more people are discovering and buying products on the app, so it’s no wonder that more than 25 million businesses use Instagram to reach their potential customers, promote their products and sell on the platform.
Digital Creators: No matter how many fans you have, using Instagram is a proven way to connect with your potential customers and spread the word about your product. Plus, anyone can set up shopping on Instagram, so the platform offers more opportunities for digital creators to sell their products on the app.
Instagram Experts: As the platform attracts more and more people looking to make money on Instagram, it’s getting harder to cut through the noise. So it’s no wonder that many people are looking for professionals to help them create a winning Instagram profile, develop a strategy, write captions, track brand mentions, etc. Simply put, Instagram experts are in demand.
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No matter how many followers you have, there are some proven ways to monetize your Instagram account. If you’re not using Instagram to make money, you’re losing money.
To start making money on Instagram, it is important to choose a popular and profitable niche that will help you attract followers, increase user engagement and easily increase your income.
Let’s find out the 11 best Instagram niches that are highly profitable.
The most profitable niches on Instagram
Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. Modern travelers not only love to travel, but also want to share their experiences on social networks.
Just imagine: 60% of travelers (and 97% of millennial travelers) share their travel photos on social media, 87% use social media for travel inspiration, 40% of consumers under 33 prioritize the “Instagrammability” of a potential destination when choosing a destination . holiday. .
In other words, Instagram offers more opportunities for people who want to become travel bloggers. If you love to travel, there are many ways to make money on Instagram.
Take the Salt In Our Hair blog for example. The couple travels the world together for a living writing travel blogs, creating travel photography for brands and filming travel videos on their YouTube channel.

Profitable Instagram Niches

Source: @saltinourhair on Instagram
With a cohesive and engaging Instagram feed, there’s no doubt that the couple knows how to take beautiful photos. To monetize their Instagram, Hannah and Nick promote their photo filters on the platform:
Source: @saltinourhair on Instagram
Social media has a big impact on the beauty industry: Today, 65% of teenagers discover and buy beauty products through social networks and influencers, so it’s no wonder that 96% of beauty brands are on Instagram.
Modern users look for beauty tutorials, makeup hacks and product reviews before making a purchase decision. Thus, this niche offers many ways for brands and influencers to spread the word about their products, connect with their target audience, and increase eCommerce sales.
Influencers like Huda Kattan have an army of loyal followers on the platform. The Iraqi-American makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur has 39.3 million followers on Instagram, so Huda promotes her beauty brand on the platform:
Source: @hudabeauty on Instagram
In 2018, when Instagram launched its new IGTV feature, users got another option to create and watch long videos in the app. It also gave another opportunity for the beauty industry to share makeup tutorials and product reviews on the platform. Huda Kattan also uses IGTV to share her reviews and beauty hacks, with her views reaching up to 3.7 million views:
Source: @hudabeauty on Instagram
As a photo-sharing app, Instagram has become a powerful tool for world-renowned designers, fashion editors and bloggers to take the fashion industry to the next level. People use this platform to discover new products, follow fashion trends and promote fashion inspiration. In addition, the fashion niche is increasingly popular: According to Statista, sales in the fashion segment are expected to reach $689,884 million in 2021.
The popularity of the fashion niche is on the rise. Need some proof? Take Camila Coelho for example. Her Instagram community has over 8.4 million followers. Pretty cool huh? Coelho has a great influence on her followers, so it’s no wonder that various fashion brands want to collaborate with this fashion blogger to promote their products.
Source: @camilacoelho on Instagram
With an Instagram creator account, Camila Coelho can add shoppable tags to help her followers easily discover and purchase featured products. This is what it looks like:
Source: @camilacoelho on Instagram
When Coelho tags the brands they wear, both the creator and the brand have access to Instagram insights that make it easy to understand the performance of shopping posts. This feature encourages brands to partner with niche influencers, so creators get more offers from companies.

Health and fitness
Today, people are worried about their health. The fitness industry is booming: its total sales reached $94 billion in 2018. When it comes to Instagram, users are looking for health and fitness products, exercise and tools. So this niche is another great way to promote products and services and thus earn money on the platform.
Take the Whoop fitness tracker, for example. The company shares useful tips for achieving peak sports performance and helps demonstrate its specialized knowledge, promote the tool and attract new customers.
Source: @whoop on Instagram
For Whoop, Instagram marketing is a great way to grow your subscriber base. However, the company is also giving its fans the option to use the tool for free. Working with Talkable, Whoop developed a referral program that now leads to over 10% of new subscription signups. This offer is beneficial to all customers: advocates get a free month of service and referred friends get $30 off their first month of subscription.
And this is how cyclist Phil Cook promotes his referral link on Instagram:
Source: @phil.cook on Instagram
The fitness industry is booming on Instagram, so this platform gives all users the opportunity to make money: from selling fitness programs and equipment to promoting referral links.
Believe it or not, we love to talk about ourselves: 80% of social media posts are about our lives, thoughts and opinions. It’s in our nature to compare our lives to other people, so it’s no wonder the average Instagram user spends 53 minutes a day on the platform.
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Good News? You don’t need to put a lot of effort into your lifestyle – just show your life in an interesting way. Watch Oliver Proudlock do it:
Source: @proudlock on Instagram
Oliver shows off his lifestyle and catches the attention of Instagrammers – the influencer has over 716 thousand followers. With a solid following, it’s no wonder that brands of all sizes and shapes want to work with Oliver. This is how he promotes products on his profile:
Source: @proudlock on Instagram
Although Instagram isn’t just about selfies and food photos, people have always been interested in other people’s lives, making the lifestyle popular and profitable.
Modern parents are more connected than ever. According to Business Instagram, 68% of millennial moms use Instagram daily, the average mom checks Instagram six times a day, and 78% of moms take action after seeing inspiring content on Instagram. In addition, fathers are also active on the platform: almost half of fathers follow businesses on the platform and 69% take action based on the content they see.
Simply put, the parenting niche is gaining popularity. For parents, this means a great opportunity to connect with other mums and dads, share your parenting tips and earn money on Instagram.
Naomi Davis, also known as Taza on Instagram, is a great example of a parenting blogger who celebrates family and motherhood on the platform. Naomi is raising her 5 children, showing her life, sharing her tips and inspiring parents around the world.
Source: @taza on Instagram
Today, people have various business opportunities at their fingertips. Making money online or starting a business from home is easier than ever. So people are looking for business tips, tricks, hacks and tutorials; they also follow successful entrepreneurs and marketers for inspiration.
When it comes to business accounts, no matter what you choose, whether you’re promoting public speaking tips, online marketing tools, or startup ideas and failures, the main idea is to share valuable tips and tricks to make money. Here’s how Gary Vaynerchuk uses his Instagram account to promote his personal businesses:
Source: @garyvee on Instagram
Gary creates massive pillar content (videos, IG stories, posts), shares tips and tricks for running a business. But unless you’re one of the world’s most famous fashion entrepreneurs, you might struggle to post high-quality visuals for your business. However, you can use company photos in your marketing content to grab the attention of your followers and share your expert thoughts on niche topics.

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Who else loves music? Most people like music and 20% of the population say that music can literally feel like a friend. People like to listen to music and play musical instruments.
Ariana Grande (167m), Selena Gomez (161) and Beyoncé (135m) are among the 10 most followed Instagram accounts of all time. With the popularity of the music industry, there are many ways musicians can monetize their Instagram accounts.
Here’s how Sellfy user Adam McInnis makes money as an entrepreneur in the music industry. As one of Sellfy’s top sellers in the music niche, he earned 20k in two months and Instagram helps him promote his products:
Source: @musicindustrycontact on Instagram

As a photo-sharing tool, it’s no surprise that Instagram is all about photography. Today, users upload 95 million photos and videos daily. Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, you need to take eye-catching photos to create a cohesive Instagram feed and therefore stand out from the crowd. That’s why the photography industry is so popular (and profitable) on the platform.
For example, Keydrin Keylo Franklin has a background in photography, so she uses Instagram to promote her tutorials:
Source: @924photography on Instagram
And here’s another example from Depositphotos. As a large library of images and videos, the company uses Instagram to promote its products to the 25 million businesses that need to create engaging and coherent Instagram feeds.
Source: @depositphotos on Instagram
Here comes the ugly truth: food is an important element of our lives. Most people are obsessed with food, and half of America’s millennials call themselves “foodies.”
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Instagram has impacted the food industry, making it the perfect place for food bloggers, restaurants and chefs to attract new fans. Check out Melissa Hie’s Instagram profile. With a love for food and travel, she runs her blog about food and travel, which has 384 thousand followers on Instagram:
Source: @girlatworld on Instagram
When it comes to Instagram, we take pictures of our delicious food and read delicious recipes. People even use special food hashtags to make it easier for other users to find relevant images on the platform. The top 5 Instagram food hashtags include:


Today, you don’t have to be a world-renowned celebrity (or even human) to attract an army of Instagram followers: It’s the rise of homegrown influencers. The pet industry reached $75.38 billion in 2019, and people can’t help but like cute pictures of cats, dogs, hedgehogs, foxes, etc. Animal celebrities like Jiffpom have millions of followers on Instagram:
Source: @jiffpom on Instagram
JiffPom sells its collectible plush toys, books and calendars. In partnership with Target, Jiffpo has developed a collection of puzzles that can be found in all Target stores across the US:
Source: @jiffpom on Instagram
We all love pets, so Instagram is the perfect place to share cute animals to promote pet care products, breeding tips, pet toys, pet insurance, pet clothing and costumes, treats, and more.
As one of the fastest growing social networks with the most engaged users, Instagram has become a powerful sales machine that offers different ways for all people to make money on the platform. With a number of profitable Instagram posts, it is no longer a problem to turn your passion into a business, so don’t miss the chance to monetize your Instagram account.

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