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Three tried-and-true methods for Tracking WhatsApp messages  free.

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It’s hard because WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta (Facebook), doesn’t want you to invade their users’ privacy. However, parents, spouses, employers, and other individuals may find it significant. WhatsApp conversations can involve highly sensitive information. As a result, the data can be used by parents to safeguard their children from cyberbullying and other online threats. Spouses have the ability to uncover partner secrets. Employers can find employees who are leaking confidential company information, etc.

The high cost of spy apps that track WhatsApp messages is due to these factors. However, we will demonstrate to you how to track WhatsApp messages for free in this article.

Part 1. How to Track WhatsApp Messages for Free

Although it can be challenging, the application’s features make it possible. There are also free third-party spy apps in addition to the WhatsApp features that make it possible to track WhatsApp messages. The advantages, disadvantages, and steps of these three approaches are discussed in this section.
1WhatsApp Web Meta, which was at the time Facebook, introduced WhatsApp Web to reduce the independence of only using one device to access WhatsApp messages. The fact that you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices and your PC is the primary function of the WhatsApp web. It has the same functionality as the WhatsApp app for Android and iPhone. Visit the website in your browser to use it. You will be shown how to install WhatsApp Web on a PC on the page.


It’s free.
It makes it simple to access the same WhatsApp account from the office.
The process of downloading WhatsApp media is fairly simple.


To set it up on other devices, you need the phone where the account is set up.
It is only available for PC.

2AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker

AirDroid Parental Control is a phone monitoring app that provides parents with a customized solution. They can track WhatsApp messages on the devices of their children for free with it. It is a dependable way to monitor WhatsApp and other social media apps from a distance.

You can also use the app to keep an eye on where your kids and other family members are physically and online. It will show you where they are right now. You can observe what they are doing on WhatsApp without their knowledge when they are online.
Even notifications about the target phone can be sent to your phone. The following highlights some additional remarkable AirDroid Parental Controls advantages and features.

  • Real-time monitoring of children’s WhatsApp messages and activities
  • Set a time and duration for when you want your child to access WhatsApp.
  • On WhatsApp, view your children’s daily phone activities.
  • Monitor and listen to what is going on around your children remotely.
  • Get notifications whenever your child enters or leaves the geofenced areas by tracking their current location.


3WhatsApp Web Scan

To access a WhatsApp account, you can use a third-party tool.  The unique bar code of each WhatsApp account is utilized by some of these solutions. As a result, the code is scanned and the account is created on additional mobile devices. WhatsApp Web Scan serves as an illustration of this solution. It can be downloaded for Android and iPhones, respectively, from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Advantages It makes it simple to monitor WhatsApp messages on another mobile device.
With an account, you can set up about four different devices.

Cons Because it frequently disconnects, its connectivity is not guaranteed.
WhatsApp requires you to be close to the mobile device.
Before you can access the WhatsApp account you are tracking on other devices, it must be online on the smartphone.

Part 2: Is it possible to locate a WhatsApp message?

No, you can’t find out where a WhatsApp message was sent from. However, WhatsApp has a feature for sharing one’s location. After sending a message, this feature requires the sender to share their location with you. You can use this feature without the person’s knowledge if you are monitoring the account through WhatsApp Web or Web Scan. AirDroid Parental Control, our tracking app, can also secretly monitor your child’s location.

Part 3: How to Find Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

Every text, email, and chat message has a source and destination code.

You will be able to follow the message if you have access to these codes. Without violating privacy policies or encryption, you can track deleted messages with an access code. You can view deleted WhatsApp messages without the code using some third-party apps.

Part 4: How to Monitor Forwarded Messages in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a search function that can be utilized to monitor forward messages.

However, it is not yet accessible to all users and is still being tested. To view the transferred page, this search feature uploads the forward message to Google.
WhatsApp’s natural tracking feature shows users how frequently a message has been forwarded. An information icon with the letter “i” at the top of the screen will appear when you select the message. You will then be able to determine how frequently the content has been forwarded.

Part 5: Are WhatsApp calls observable?

WhatsApp calls can’t be tracked, not at all. Your WhatsApp call is encrypted from beginning to end to prevent recording. As a result, your conversations are exchanged in a code, making it difficult to track them.


Final Thoughts

WhatsApp messages can be tracked for a variety of security reasons. However, that does not necessitate spending a fortune. On your PC or mobile device, you can free of charge track WhatsApp messages. In this article, you can use one of three approaches.
Because the target phone owner will not be aware that you are tracing their WhatsApp messages, these methods are very effective. WhatsApp, on the other hand, does not permit call tracking. WhatsApp, on the other hand, lets you keep track of deleted and forwarded messages.

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