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The temporary ban on the use of tricycles in Bawku has been lifted

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The Upper East Regional Coordinating Council reviewed the restrictions in Bawku and surrounding communities.

Part of the revision is the lifting of the ban on the use of tricycles, in the area popularly referred to as ‘yellow’.

At a meeting of the Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC) on 18 October 2022, “the temporary ban on tricycles in and around Bawko is lifted with immediate effect”.

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And this with regard to the relative calm that has gradually returned to the area.

It is also based on the challenges of public sector workers who face problems in commuting to work due to the ban on the use of tricycles.

“REGSEC hereby directs MUSEC to ensure strict enforcement of this directive,” he said.

Recent tensions in Baku have prompted a motorcycle ban, as well as a municipality-wide curfew and smock-wearing ban.

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