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The only angel in the Bible who died

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Viewing images in the app saves up to 80% of data. Heavenly creatures called angels to serve God in heaven. Since angels are not mere wanderers on this planet like humans, it is unusual for them to die, yet Lucifer was an exception.
In addition to being recognized as the Father of Lies, Lucifer is also often referred to as Satan, the Devil, or the Prince of Demons. There are so many stories about him that many people think they were made up to scare children and audiences around the world. The revelation that the devil’s history began with an angelic origin before he was cast out of heaven may surprise many people.
Exactly when Satan was created in the Bible is unknown. The writings of Ezekiel and Isaiah show that Satan is the source of all evil (Ezekiel 28; Isaiah 14). According to the Old Testament, the prophets first called Satan “Lucifer” in their writings. Lucifer, one of the most powerful angels in the holy army of angels, was second in order to the seraphim, and was appointed by God to serve as a guardian cherub on his holy mountain (Ezekiel 28:14). Being a cherub was a great honor for Lucifer.
As a result of his admiration for God’s beauty, splendor, power, and status, Lucifer began to desire the honor and glory that only God can bestow. He became so self-absorbed in serving God that he thought he could become God. Lucifer’s pride and arrogance eventually caught up with him. He had already decided to fight God up there. He tried to assume the position of God, but Archangel Michael stopped him. As a result of Lucifer’s disobedience and severe degradation of his angelic status, God cast him out of heaven.

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We all know that hell is referred to in the Bible as the second death. The first death occurs in death and after it one is led to hell. That’s why he’s already dead and Lucifer in Hell is traveling around the world trying to send more souls there.
He does everything in his power to bring people cursed by God to hell to join him after being sentenced to death. Because Satan wants to see Christians and other saints of God join him in the pit of eternal punishment known as hell, he harbors enmity towards them.
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