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The iron ore discovered in the Oti area is ours – the Western Togolanders

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The People’s Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland has laid claim to iron ore that was recently discovered in the Oti region of Ghana.

Western Togoland
According to the PLC, the land that the Government of Ghana refers to as the Oti region belongs to the people of Western Togoland and therefore any attempt by the government to extract any mineral from it is trespassing.

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“First of all, we would like to state that there is no such thing as the Oti region where the so-called discovery was allegedly made. This territory does not belong to the Gold Coast or the Republic of Ghana, but is a bonafide territory of Western Togoland.” , and therefore Ghana has no reason to enter this territory.
“The people of Western Togoland have long been aware of deposits of iron ore in commercial quantities in this part of their territory, so this announcement by the Republic of Ghana of mineral discovery was nothing new to Westerners. Togoland,” reads part of their statement.
The group also added that the action of the Government of Ghana constitutes a violation of international law.

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“Indeed, the UN Charter on Trust Territories prohibits the mining of mineral deposits by Ghana in western Togoland (see UN Charter on Trust Territories below), and since there is no formal agreement between the two nations from the Union to address these issues, they have never been established, never could there are no grounds on which Ghana should mine the mineral deposits in Western Togoland, leading to this so-called discovery,” it said.
The Council therefore called on the international community to condemn the actions of the Government of Ghana and warn it against any attempt to explore the minerals found in the territories of the people of Western Togoland.
Regional Minister Joshua G. Makuba recently revealed that blocks of iron ore have been discovered in the Oti region.
He said the discovery was made in larger quantities by the Ghana Integrated Iron Ore Development Corporation in collaboration with the Geological Survey Department.

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