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Hon. Madam Lydia Lamisi Akanvariba

Tempane Member of Parliament social intervention achievements within 1 year and 10 months

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The Member of Parliament for the Tempane Constituency Hon. Madam Lydia Lamisi Akanvariba has listed some of the social intervention achievements she has successfully executed in just 1 year and 10 months in office as Tempane Legislator. report
The Tempane legislator listed her social intervention achievements during an engagement on Apexnews Ghana’s flagship development programme dubbed “SPEAKOUT UPPER EAST REGION” with Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.
Meanwhile, in responding to the questions about her achievements and contributions so far since being given the opportunity to represent the people of Tempane? Madam Lamisi Akanvariba explained that for the past 1 year and 10 months she has done a lot of social intervention projects which have deeply impacted the lives of the ordinary in the constituency.
“I used my social intervention because I just want to impact the lives of the youth. So, from last year and this year, I have acquired some materials, for instance, sewing machines, and hair dryers to take care of 70 tamed youth that has no job in the constituency”.

Even accepting the fact that it is impossible to accomplish all the projects as an MP within two years period, the Member of Parliament also said, she has a lot of plans regarding the Tempane Constituency but unfortunately the current economic constraint coupled with no regular released of MPs Common Fund by the government is making it more difficult to accomplish some of her project plans.

“I am interested in the whole constituency,” She said
However, below are the social intervention executive across the Tampane Constituency within a period of 1 year and 10 months


1. Supported over 50 disabled with Ghs1000.00 each.

2. Supported over 40 tertiary students with some cash to help pay their fees.

3. Supported accident victims from the constituency with cash to help settle their hospital bills. Some at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and others Komfoo Anokye Teaching Hospital Kumasi.

4. Training over 70 youth across the constituency on both seamstress/tailor and Hairdressing. Cost of training and logistics for training all catered by her.

5. Donated a TV sets and 3 ceiling fans each to all divisional chiefs across the constituency.


1. Fixed over 35 Boreholes out of the 42 boreholes that were sinked by her late husband and not fixed.

2. Procured additional 20 Boreholes that were to be sinked but the wet season couldn’t allow.

3. She repaired 5 borehole pumps at a cost of 25,000 Ghana cedis and changed one (1) at a cost of 8,500 Ghana cedis.


1. Started the operation brighten the constituency, which she fixed over 200 street lamps across the constituency in the first phase.

2. She has gotten three separate contractors working to connect some communities to the national grid

3. Lobbied and secured 1500 poles from minister of energy for the constituency.

4. Lobbied and got an allocation of 15 transformers with some meters for the constituency.


1. Donated 100bags of cement for the first phase of Nadigiri CHPS Compound.

2. Donated 100 bags of cement for the first phase of Duadinyediga CHPS Compound.

3. Donated 100 bags of cement for Kpinkpanyong chips Compound rehabilitation

4. Donated 10,000 Ghana cedis for the rehabilitation of Ninsum chips compound

5. Supported Kongo chips Compound with 20 bags of cement for some renovation

6. Donated 10 brand new registered Motor bikes to the Tempane District Health Directorate to augment their transportation challenges.

7. Currently rehabilitating Gagbiri chips compound at 78,000 Ghana cedis

8. Distributed over 10,000 nose mask and hand sanitizer across the constituency during the outbreak of the novel COVID-19.


1. Roofed/renovated Susudi Primary School when it was raided off by storm

2. Roofed/renovated Duadiyediga Primary School when it was raided off by storm

3. Roofed/renovated Ramania Primary School when it was raided off by storm.

4. Last year she organized mock exams for 1200 JHS students across the constituency as well as mathematical sets for same number.

5. She prepared hot meal for 1350 JHS students who wrote their BECE exams this year.

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