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Street lights in Bawku: Madam Gabiana must take credit, not Mahama Ayariga – Kariyama

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A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government regional communication team, Osman Kariyama, said that when it comes to the provision of community street lights in Bawku Municipality, Ms Gabiana, the 2020 parliament must take the credit, not Mahama Ayariga.
Mr. Kariyama stated this on Monday, October 10, 2022 on Apexnews Ghana Flagship Titled: SPEAK OUT UPPER EAST”, when the NDC Representative Ibrahim Anaribazanga stated that the Bawku Legislative Assembly Hon. Mahama Ayariga provided street lighting throughout Bawku Municipality.
Meanwhile, reacting to the NDC’s claim, Mr Kariyama said: “If you look at Bawka, it is divided into 3 zones, just like Upper East is divided into 3 zones. We have the Bawku zone, we have the BONABOTO zone and the western zone. Like Bawku it is divided into 3 zones, we have the central zone, we have the Kusasi zone and we have the Bissa belt”.
“At the Bissa belt, all the streetlights were placed there by Madame Gabiana. All the community lights in the Bissa belt were placed by Madam Gabiana”. he emphasized

And when you come to the Central Zone, because they already have their street lights. So most of the street lights that went out had to be replaced by Madam Gabiana. She replaced all the dead street lights and then in the Kusasi zone where some of their light went out, we have regional coordinators who came and she gave it to them and they went and replaced it. Where there are no street lights, they will replace them, and where there are street lights, they will not replace them. And we did the distribution, we did all the work”. He explained
“So when they say Mahama Ayariga gave the street lights, he probably went somewhere or maybe some died and he went and gave. But in this case, we were not aware of it because we know what we were doing during the 2020 election.” He said

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Source: Apexnews Ghana

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