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kusaug Youth movement


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At times I watch and listen to the brave but losing settlers whose past deceives them to think it is the best in their view, we return to the stone age thus the hunting and gathering era as their ego is met regardless of whose horse is gored.
Let me make it known to the world that Kusaas are impregnably resolute in guarding their homeland even if they decide to make Bawku the capital of their Kingdom.

I am not in the mood to mar anybody with mundane egos searching on hotheads to rest but to set the records to diffuse the elusive lies peddling by people who do not have a single household in their Kingdom to point at as their own. Why they choose to sleep in hostels when they visit their so-called capital is not a matter of vital concern to me.
What yanks me off and tears me in to pieces is the way they can lie after saying “Aktabir! Allahu Akbar!” These Dudes survive in lies and pious dishonesty emboldened by their dying past glories. Whoops!


1. One of the long held mantras held to the acme of these settlers’ chests is they make the media to believe that the famous migration of the Mole-Dagbani to present-day Ghana and their final settlement in Pusiga, they did not meet people on the land. This mediocre assumption makes mockery of these people when it’s established in the history books that upon their arrival they overpowered the indigenous people they met on their marauding migration route from East of Lake Chad to Mali to Farda Ngurma until their final rest behind the hills where there infamous past glories seems to be in life’s support. Before they got to Pusiga, people were already there and the Kusasi country as mentioned by historians like Syme and Rattary was stretching from South eastern Burkina to North eastern Ghana long before the scramble for Africa. It is always said that, the mole-dagbon people used to wage wars against locals who resisted their rule. Now, the question is, were they waging these wars against trees and animals and not human beings? A multi million question the media in Ghana always fail to ask them. Remember, there are three great Paramountcy of Kusaas in Burkina Faso and no one disputes them them even though they claim Zirli, the supposed first son of Naa Gbewaa was around that area. Is it because we were caught in the British territory and had welcomed the Mamprusis back to our land? Not even mossis who are founders of Burkina can claim ownership of the three Paramountcies occupied by Kusaas.

2. The settlers in Bawku normally paint a picture to the media making it look like there was one migration history of mamprusis to the Kusaas’ enclave. They cloud people to believing that the settler mamprusis in Bawku were part of the Tohazie led migration who remained in Pusiga after the violent collapse and the eventual splitting of the Gbewaa Children into Mamprusi, Dagombas and Nanumbas. That magic of brothers splitting to become different tribes is still being investigated by the gods. Frankly, the migration of the mamprusis to the Kusasi country occured twice. The Tohazie era and the Trans-Sahara Slave trade era. The current crops of the mamprusi settlers making Bawku weep belong to the Trans-Sahara Slave trade era. They migrated northwards from Gambaga just like if they had migrated back to East of Lake Chad after leaving the Kusasi area for over 200 years. The question any reasonable media house would have asked these people would have been, if they migrate back to East of Lake Chad today will they claim the land is theirs?

3. If they claim there were no people at the Pusiga area before and after their violent split into groups for their violent disagreement over who simply inherits Gbewaa, which people manned and kept the Gbewaa’s Tomb after they deserted it for their selfish egos till date until the Trans-Sahara Slave Trade brought them back to Bawku where the Bakzua clan was there before Tohazie?

4. Another monumental lie they use to deceive most Ghanaians and the media is they christened Bawku. Well , the Kusaas call a ditch “bok” and the Mamprusi call it “boku.” The English finally corrupted it to Bawku. One simple question the media should have asked these settlers is, who then named Bokzua, Zorse Zabug, Natinga etc? It is only among Kusaas that call the area a chief sits as Natinga.

5. Another fallacious dishonesty done by these settlers in terms of lies is that, they have ruled Bawku since 1721. It is an established record that the Bawku settler mamprusis never ruled Bawku nor Kusaas until 1932 after the Kusasi Conference in 1931 that took place in Kusanaba under the supervision of the British. Settlers ruling themselves is a common practice everywhere and that should not be seen as being on the moon by the settlers in Kusaug. Kusaas had their way of governance, not the dictatorial type as practised by others. They were doing exceedingly well with their style of Clan governance. Let the media take it and educate the Ghanaian people for they have been sleeping and consuming lies. These settlers only pick a leader to be settling their cases because they feast on grudges but not to rule Kusaug.

6. In traditional Africa, landowners are identified by their shrines and gods- the earth gods and goddesses. For instance, the Zobzia god, the Atabia Baobab tree, Tamalugu where Tohagu first settled are all shrines owned by mamprusis in Nalerigu and Gambaga respectively in the North East region. No alien can make sacrifices to these shrines except the Nayiri, Gambarana or their appointed keepers. Not even the Kanbonaa of Mamprugu in Langbinsi can make sacrifices to the shrines above. I want the media to ask these sojourner settlers, in which of the six administrative districts of Kusaug do they own a shrine and what is the name of that shrine or god? Remember, if a shrine is not yours you cannot go near it. All the shrines including the Gbewaa shrine are manned by Kusaas. Who then is the owner of the land here?


7. Language is the greatest cultural tool that is used to confirm a particular ethnic group that settled in a particular place first. If not until now, why couldn’t the mamprusis speak their own language except Kusaal and mool? Even those who now out of shame are trying hard to speak the mampruli, mix it with kusaal and mool. Some of these settlers especially the current generation cannot even speak mampruli except Kusaal and mool. The simple question here many should have asked is why will the so-called “indigenous” mamprusis allowed themselves for “settler” Kusaas to colonize them with their culture and customs such as language and names such as Abagare, Aturiba, Abugri etc? Then the migrant Kusaas deserve a medal from the Nobel Prize Committee for domineering over a ruling class with their language. In fact, almost all the minor tribes in Bawku speak kusaal but majority of Kusaas cannot speak their languages. Just like the Asantes in Kumasi, every migrant speaks twi, so it is in Bawku and Kusaug as a whole. Do you now know who is a sojourner in search of their wondrous soul?

I sincerely want to admonish the media to stop doing themselves utter disservice. Not the one who is wailing is the one properly mourning the deceased. Tell them to stop confusing people with the Naa Gbewaa era with the era of the trans Sahara slave trade. They are mutually exclusive.

They should stop using cement blocks to kill innocent children who are their nephews all because they are born by Kusaas. If that was the case , most of them wouldn’t have lived to see this day including their own Naa Mambooda.
Kusaas have learnt our lessons from housing sojourners from these lost settlers but that won’t embolden us to be wicked as hell like them after all, the dog with the bone doesn’t bark.
Lest I forget, Kusaas aren’t fighting, we are defending our land from distractive creatures.
The media can do better and I believe strongly they shall.
Bawku is dear to Kusaug and Kusaas cannot afford to lose it to sojourners of hell.

Compiled by A Communication Team Member for Kusaug Youth Movement.


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