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Say NO to bread if you have any of these 3 health problems

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In Ghana, bread is one of the favorite snacks of the Ghanaian people. However, researchers have found that bread is nutritionally deficient compared to other foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is high in calories and carbohydrates, but lacking in protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. As a result, consuming too much is unhealthy.
Persons with the following medical conditions may not eat bread at all, unless prescribed by a medical professional.
#1. Diabetes.

Eating bread increases the risk of obesity, which increases the risk of developing diabetes. This is accurate because “normal” bread is made with sugar and highly processed white flour. All diabetics should limit or stop eating bread.
#2. Celiac disease
It is a specific type of gluten sensitivity. An autoimmune disorder called celiac disease can be caused by eating gluten. It is also known as gluten intolerance. If you have celiac disease, your immune system reacts to foods containing gluten. If you have this condition and eat foods containing gluten, such as bread or cereals, you are at risk of developing life-threatening symptoms.
#3. Heart disease
Refined or processed carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, low-fiber breakfast cereals, and others can be harmful to the heart. Avoid eating bread if you have heart or heart disease.
If you suffer from any of the above medical conditions, it is advisable to stay away from bread.

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