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Sad news as a beautiful female banker poisoned to death by friends

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A well-known banker in Kumasi has died at the age of 37. Dr. Ophelia Akosua Brantuo, a Kumasi banker, has died at the age of 37.

She was known in Kumasi, the Ashanti region and Ghana for her philosophical and humanitarian activities.

Dr. Ophelia Akosua Brantuo, CEO of Brantscare Foundation, holds a Ph.D. She was a banker, lawyer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

After her death, TikToker Lady Ann claimed in a video that friends poisoned Dr. Ophelia.

Under Lady Ann’s TikTok post, a social media user known as Richlove yelled at Ann to stop spreading lies.

Lady Ann returns to defend her previous claims that Dr. Ophelia was poisoned by her friends because she knows her.

She had no idea that Richlove Gyamfi is Dr. Ophelia’s sister and claims that her sister was not poisoned.

She urged the general public to ignore Anna’s false information.

Watch the video:

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