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Concernd Citizens of Kusaug

PRESS RELEASE: Concerned Citizens of Kusaug

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Concerned Citizens of Kusaug

21st September, 2022.


The above mentioned (Concerned Citizens of Kusaug) Association wish to release this statement in response to the ADDITIONAL SECURITY MEASURES rolled out by REGSEC on the 20th September 2022 to bring back peace to Bawku, following the renewed clashes on 19th September 2022 leading to the loss of lives and properties.

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As concerned citizens,  we wish to state clearly that the additional security measures reached on by RESEC is very palliative and not far-reaching enough, but rather easily exploitable which can exacerbate the security challenges we are currently plagued with and below are our reasons;

  1. “The police, Ghana Immigration Services and Military are allowed to use official motorbikes from 6am to 6pm”; let us be guided by facts and history. We have had several incidences in the past and now where a group of Mamprussi’s disguised themselves in military attire, besieged Buabula (a suburb of the Bawku municipality) and killed innocent women and children. Most recently on 29th August 2022,  a similar incident occurred at Gingande where same Mamprusi hoodlums dressed in military attire and attacked a portion of the community leaving scores of people injured and property destroyed

Allowing the security to ride motorbikes can afford these hoodlums a golden opportunity to exploit the situation to cause harm to expedite their criminal activities. If these people can afford military uniforms and bulletproof jackets, is it these white desert rides which are plenty in the open market that they cannot afford or is it branding that is an issue?

  1. The ban on “yellow, yellow “by REGSEC is yet another decision we find very problematic. This is because, the yellow, yellow tricycle business is the only surviving economic activity in the town since the economic shutdown resulting from this conflict. It is the only source of livelihood for majority of the youth and many households. Teachers, nurses and civil servants depend on it to reach their service delivery points, and about 60% of parents depend on it to transport their wards to school, so the ban is not only going to visit more hardship but would technically make it impossible for government workers and pupil to go to work and school respectively. And remember that the devil will surely find work for idle “yellow-yellow” drivers.
  1. Aside from the economic activities, the emergency health needs and wellbeing of the less privileged, the aged, pregnant women and children is completely threatened with the ban on yellow- yellow. Currently, it serves as mini ambulances for over 60% of people living in Bawku, to rush them to the hospital in times of emergency.

We are by this release calling on MUSEC and REGSEC to revisit these security policies and rather adopt pragmatic measures of bringing lasting peace to Bawku. The Association is, however, willing and ready to work with state institutions to bring back peace in the area.

Thank you.

Hon. Mumuni Fuseini Azonko


Secretary Concerned Citizens of Kusaug.

Tel: 0244091140/ 0203660064





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