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Police used tear gas to disperse the protesting final year UEW students

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Police used tear gas to disperse about 400 students of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) who were demonstrating over irregularities in their results.
According to the students, the school failed to update their academic records on their portal.
Students say their academic results on the school’s bulletin board differ from what was uploaded to their portal.

protesting final year UEW

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They accuse school authorities of what they say is a deliberate attempt to fail them because they cannot track their academic records.

The university is expected to hold a graduation ceremony in three weeks, but students say they want to know their actual results before the holidays.
Pictures and videos seen by show some students blocking roads with tree branches and preventing vehicles from entering the university.
An expected meeting between the final year students and management over the student’s concerns did not take place, prompting the students to go on a rampage.
This disrupted lectures and some administrative activities. The school management then called for a police intervention leading to the use of tear gas.

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