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Police arrest man on viral video of whipping his toddler 21 times

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Police have arrested a man seen in a viral video brutally assaulting his barely three-year-old son, The Fourth Estate can confirm.
The suspect, Richard Kofi, was picked up at about 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Akaa Buem in Jasikan in Oti area.
In the video, a man believed to be his father knocked the boy off his feet with what appeared to be a branch from a bush and continued the gruesome attack as the boy crawled on all fours.
The suspect did not deter the boy from screaming loudly and picked the boy up and continued to beat him. In the 1:18 minute video, he spanked the boy at least 21 times.
On Wednesday in Akaa Buem, the community was outraged after the police entered the suspect. He was taken to the chief’s palace where his alleged crime was explained and taken away in a Toyota van.
Police also arrested the suspect’s wife, who lives in the house separately from her husband. The child was also rescued from the house and handed over to the police.
The arrest came barely 24 hours after police issued a statement on Tuesday offering a 2,000 cedi reward for the man.

viral video
While being transported from the community, the suspect insisted he had done nothing wrong. He was heard cursing and threatening to harm those who reported him to the police.
Ghana police have appealed to the public for help in arresting the man.

Source: The Fourth Estate 

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