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Our education means a lot to us: Dismissed students of Chiana SHS cry and plead with Akuffo Addo for forgiveness and restoration.

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Eight dismissed students of Chiana Secondary School in the Kasena Nankana West District of the Upper East Region have asked Ghana’s President, Nana Akuffo Addo, to forgive them for their unsavory comments they made about him a few months ago. went viral on social media.
The student, eight of them in a new video, begged the president to forgive them for the insults heaped on them and let them return to school after they were served with dismissal letters from the Director General of the Ghana Education Service.

Dismissed students

“I am Mariam and I and my colleagues are on our knees begging our president, principal, education authority and our fellow Ghanaians. We apologize for our video going viral, we didn’t mean for it to go viral. It was child’s play. We are sorry and on our knees. Our education means a lot to us. We are on our knees and begging the president to remove us. We are also appealing to our teachers to join us in appealing to the president to call us back.”

Another student, Ndaabil Janet, who was in tears and on her knees, said she was sorry for what they did in the video. “My name is Janet. I’m here to apologize to the president for what we did in the last video. I meant what I said.”

Dismissed students

The Ghana Education Service, in a letter dated November 29, 2022, which was given to the parents of the eight students on January 11, 2023, dismissed the students from the school and asked them to return all school property to the school to serve as a deterrent. other students.
“The Ghana Education Service has given consent to the dismissal of (Name Withheld) with immediate effect to act as a deterrent to other students. ”

The letter stated, in part, that their dismissal was a result of their involvement in derogatory comments in a video that went viral, which is considered objectionable and contrary to acceptable standards of conduct required of every student.

The students are praying and hoping that the president will hear their cries and give them a second chance to go back to school to fulfill their educational dreams.



By Simon Agana Blessing/

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