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Nursing Training College (NTC): 800 applicants for SHS fail to defend their grades in the interview

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Mr William Sebil, Principal of Nursing Training College (NTC), Bolgatanga, says most of the 800 Senior High School (SHS) applicants with excellent grades are unable to defend their results before the college entrance interview panel.

“A cripplingly worrying trend emerging among applicants that is very worrying is that when faced with an interview, they simply cannot express themselves. Some have ‘A’ grade in all eight subjects but they cannot defend the grade,” he said.
The director recalled that a candidate stood before the panel and said, “For me, my teacher in the exam hall taught me. Unfortunately, these types of applicants are usually caught by the rigorous internal testing tools that the College uses.’

Mr. Sebil said this at the matriculation ceremony for fresh students of the College in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East region.

He said when such students were demoted or dismissed, members of the public should hold the management of the academy to account and should not conclude that the examination board or the management of the academy are bad or bad.

Mr. Sebil said the academy was known for churning out intelligent, professional and properly trained nurses across Ghana and outside the country, insisting that the management would in no way compromise its standards.

He encouraged College students to instill a sense of purpose, saying: “I urge you to find your purpose. Choosing your preferred choice to become a nurse is the first step in the right direction.

“Now comes the real work we have in the promise of nurses; ‘My personal life will always bring recognition to my profession.’ From now on, focus on a noble cause and work tirelessly to achieve it,” said Mr. Sebil.

He further encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone, explore and learn new skills, make new friends and be mindful of their personal growth.

The principal urged them to make a conscious effort to apply themselves in education; not just to pass exams but to acquire skills that would help them in the future.

He said some students tend to get carried away with the freedom they have enjoyed and warned them that “the freedom you have now means you have to make your own decisions and act maturely because you will be individually responsible. all your acts and omissions.”

He commended the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College for their sacrifices over the years despite all the infrastructural challenges culminating in the elevation of the College’s enviable academic performance.

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The Upper East Regional Minister, Mr. Stephen Yakubu, in a speech read on his behalf, acknowledged the sacrifices of the lecturers and members of the College’s Advisory Board of Governors over the years.

He said their sacrifices were reflected in the milestones the College had achieved over the years: “When the name of the College is mentioned now and in the future, your names will be permanently imprinted.”

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