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I saw me! I was sitting on the grass looking through a book of mysteries.

I was naked.

Each of my imperfections was exposed to prying eyes, but their stares and mutterings made no difference.

The pale pages and poorly handwritten words were appealing, undeniably more meaningful and fun.

“A quiet angry apparition has come.

I heard his steps every time he made none, amidst 1000 other voices.

He’s here, his eyes closed as he walked past me, yet he knew it.

He realized I was there.

Very much like I knew he was after me, very much like I realized I expected to move out.

My heart was beating too fast to try to think, it was too hard to try to understand that I hadn’t remembered my most precious book.

Too scared.

I would have preferred not to see if his bright earth-colored eyes were visible, but I could register his penetrating gaze over his back.

It’s a race, I understood that the bottoms of my feet could no longer touch the cold road, so breathing was exhausting for my shaking body.

The sky was closing in, lazing at my bare feet in the watching rays of daylight, the mists grinning shyly at me.

One way or another I was flying, expecting to catch something – anything.

He is angry, I could feel my spirit shrivel up in the cell of my tissue.

I did not proceed sensibly—his standards, perhaps that is why I should fall.

Maybe that’s why I expected to dive into his volcanic pool, let him take me back to my past where I once had a place.

Or on the other hand, Maybe, it was just what I needed.

It stays down.

I remembered to say goodbye to the white soft dreams before I was brought into the arms of my destiny.

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