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Kussaug youth movement ‘bites’ war monger chief over walewale attacks.

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A group of youths in the Kussaug Traditional Area of ​​the Upper East Region have called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of one Aminu Jango, said to be Chief Jango in the North East Region, over his statement before the recent gun attacks in Bawku-Kumasi. tied buses along the Walewale-Bolgatanga section of the trans Ecowas highway.

At a press conference in Bawko, the Kussaug Youth Movement revealed that they have a lot of evidence of how the said Aminu Janga and some others threatened to attack vehicles belonging to Kussasi people.
Aruk Issaku addresses the media.

Aruk Issaku, a spokesman for the youth group, noted that there were three separate attacks along the same traditional Mamprusi-dominated enclave within a week. He described the attacks as targeting his Kussaug and that it had nothing to do with armed robbery.

He urged the Vice President to call his relatives, adding that Vice President Name was always mentioned by the Mamprusi youth as one of their sources of support.
“Our highest appeal is to the Vice President, they are using his Walewale homeland, they have already mentioned that he is their bedroom and now they have returned home to their home and now they have stated their home, this is a fact and they have gone home to use the four corners of their home to carry out this action, so we expect him to say something or take action to curtail this”

He urged the security agencies to take control of the situation and bring the perpetrators to book.
Meanwhile, the Mamrusi youth group has distanced itself from the incident. Majeed Bagura categorically stated in a phone interview with word news that Mamprusis had no hand in the attacks. He argued that it was more the Mamprusian faction of the conflict that was subject to high attacks.
for us, as Mamprusis and Mamprusis youth, we have no sanction for any other groups to launch attacks on any other road, but we, Mamprusis and our sympathizers who have been subjected to various attacks, so far the road from Bawk to Bolga is not in safety, our cars are still under attack, so if they want this problem to be solved, they better call on the government to be proactive in addressing the root cause, not to blame innocent people and honorable chiefs.”

The accused chief of Lukula in Janga Naa suburb, Aminu Abu Iddi, has denied the allegations leveled against him. He argued that his accusers were pointing at the wrong person and that as chief it was taboo to incite people to violence.

“How can a chief tell someone to go and attack someone in our tradition that one is taboo, I am a chief, I am not a small chief, as I told them last time, they should go on Facebook and see one Kusasis car spoiled in Walewale , when I was passing by, I saw our guys helping them fix their car, and that shows that our guys want peace, so they should learn from it.”

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