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Kpatia Health Center received medical equipment from Ms. Georgina Lardi Azumah Garu, a women’s organizer of the NPP

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Over the years, the Kpatia Health Center in Garu District of the Upper East Region has suffered from a lack of adequate medical equipment.
It has an insufficient number of beds and mattresses and has difficulty accommodating patients. Due to these challenges, the Kpatia community is requesting the assistance of the government, NGOs, the general public and charitable individuals to provide the Kpatia Health Center with adequate medical equipment to improve healthcare delivery in Kpatia and surrounding communities.
However, according to community members and health workers at Kpatia Health Centre, these requests have not been answered.

medical equipment
On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Mrs. Georgina Lardi Azumah, Women’s Organizer for NPP in Gar, donated maternity beds, mattresses and other medical equipment to the Kpatia Health Facility. She claimed that the donation was in response to a challenge presented to her by Abagre Matthew Alebsiba, a member of the Kpatia community. After hearing his appeal, she visited the facility in July 2022. While there, she recognized that the Kpatia Health Facility was in dire need of support and vowed to do everything in her power to provide assistance. Today she fulfilled the promise she made to the Kpatia Health Center and by extension the Kpatia community.

The Chief of Kpatia, who is also a member of the Health Committee of the Kpatia Health Centre, Naaba Seibu Seidu II accepted the items on behalf of the community and handed them over to the District Health Director for Garu District, Mr. Hypolite Yeleduor. The Director also received the items on behalf of the facility and handed them over to Mr Wimpiini Emmanuel who is currently in charge of the Kpatia Health Centre. They expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Georgina Lardi Azumah and her team for the kind gesture and appealed to her and other benevolent individuals to give more support to Kpatia Health Centre.

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Source:|Contributed by Halidu Dasmani

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