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KNUST understudies isolated over suspension of SRC/Hall week festivities and end of JCR framework

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Various understudies of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)  have communicated blended responses to the Governing Council’s choice to suspend corridor week festivities and the rejecting of Junior Common Room framework.
A portion of the understudies contend that it is a way to stifle understudy authority and support in the administration of the University.
The Governing Council of the University, in an explanation delivered on August 26, 2022, has rejected the Junior Common Room framework and suspended SRC and Hall week festivities endlessly.
“With impact from the 2023/2024 Academic Year, the Junior Common Room arrangement of the Hall the executives by understudies is abrogated. This implies there would be no Students’ races for corridor chiefs. The current administration structure containing Hall committees, Hall experts, and senior guides would keep on working in the administration of the issues of the lobbies. Meanwhile, corridor week and SRC Week festivities have been suspended endlessly,” the assertion read.
The goal of the University follows the rough conflict between certain individuals from the University and Unity corridors which brought about annihilation of property and wounds.

Discontent with the choice, a few understudies showed the social exercises keep them dynamic nearby.
They contend it is ‘unjustifiable’ and ‘cruel’ of a choice which would transform the University into a totalitarian framework.
“The delivery is exceptionally unforgiving. That is not the answer for the issue. They are somewhat exploiting this issue to at long last eliminate understudies from the discussion table. Over the long haul it will resemble a despotic framework. They just concoct their choices and force them on the understudies. I don’t believe it’s the reason for the JCRC body so for what reason are they eliminating them from their workplaces,” one of the understudies told Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor.
In the mean time, others are satisfied with the Governing Council’s choice to cancel the Junior Common Room arrangement of lobby the board by understudies nearby.
They focused on the lobby chiefs can’t tame and deal with the unusual ways of behaving of their corridor individuals.

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They are anyway stressed regulatory enquiries which could be best dealt with by understudies would be colossal.
“It is great they’ve eliminated the JCR. The JCR framework they have no control over the understudies during assurance, parades and others. They need to control the understudies with regards to obliteration and those stuff yet they have zero control over them. It will quiet down the understudies since what we have been encountering as of late is so terrible. Some of them tossing stones against one another, making wounds one another. It is to such an extent. Thus, on the off chance that they bring this choice aiding quiet things is going. One side that isn’t great is, on the grounds that they will take the JCR framework it would imply that anything that we get we should forward to the SCR which is at times dreary,” he said.
A few understudies proposed that the Management should just dispense assents to the lobbies engaged with the illegal and fierce conflict.
“It isn’t exactly fair in light of the fact that different lobbies do spirit and others things. Thus, on the off chance that they are to boycott the exercises of different corridors it won’t be fair. They ought to preferably abrogate those two festivals other over removing the SRC week festivity. Since different corridors don’t participate in confidence and different things. They need to redo a choice. We really want the projects to deliver pressure since we have far to go,” one female understudy added.

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