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NabCo: A youth activist and an ardent supporter of the national democratic congress Mr Sufian King Bawre disagrees with government on his decision to cancel NabCo.

He insisted that, the action of government to cancel the program is a betrayal on government own promised. In a simple unambigious statement, he said “Government has defeated itself”.

He recounted how government made cheap political capital out of the flagship program. He said, government promised not to cancel the program but rather plough them into permanent employment in their respective sectors after completing the two year program in their various sectors of discipline.

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He called on the Youth especially the NabCo beneficiaries to head to court to challenge government decision. He said, demonstrating is a constitutional right but it seems this government is does not have ear to it hence the resort to only that means of registering dissatisfaction will be a mirage.

He promised to rally behind the youth in making sure they compel government to stick to his previous promise of sustaining the program.
He lamented on the delay in their payment and ask government the rational in implementing the scheme knowing very well he as not what it takes to run the program has intimidated .

He said, “We will use all legal means within our disposal to compel government to rescind his decision”.

He admonished government to, as a matter of importance reduce his reckless expenditure in order to pave way for the budget to absorb the NabCo cost component.

He insisted that, Ghana has money but leadership is our problem. He said , with all these natural resources and human resources at our disposal, Ghana should be capable of empowering it’s youth base without hindrance.

Sufian King Bawre


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