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Video Spin Blaster

Increase your youtube views with video spin blaster premium

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Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus Overview
Video Spin Blaster Pro is a multi-purpose programming that allows you to quickly create fully voiced recordings that you can copy into many exceptional duplicates for mass transfer and mastery on YouTube. It was the main programming for a large number of enthusiastic advertisers who combined it with Video Marketing Blaster to completely conquer the YouTube video specialty.

Video Spin Blaster

Main features

  • Video Spinner
  • Text-to-speech (voice) generator
  • Video Creator

There are other features. I only use it for these 3 though, so that’s what I’ll talk about.

Video Spinner

Video spinner allows you to take ANY video and then duplicate it as many times as you want. Each copy will be unique, so you can upload copies of the same video without fear of being blocked by YouTube. Video Spinner also allows you to enter different video titles to save time and avoid having to manually edit the titles later. Being able to shoot and upload videos in bulk is probably the easiest way to target and rank for different keywords using the “same” video.

Text-to-speech generator

As you know, videos with voice generally outperform videos without voice. Maybe you’re embarrassed to use your own voice, or maybe you just don’t want to because it’s faster with a text-to-speech solution. Whatever the reason, Video Spin Blaster Pro makes it easy for you to add realistic voice to all your videos to make them perform better. It comes with over 50 male and female voices in over 10 different languages.

Video Creator

I honestly didn’t expect much from the creator of the video. I have other video creation software, so I wasn’t planning on using Video Spin Blaster to create videos from scratch. I was pleasantly surprised. The video maker is actually very smooth and works very well.

Video Spin Blaster
Creating a video in VSB is quick and easy

In short… Whenever you upload a picture, video or snapshot, the video creator puts it in its own “box”. Here you can set the duration and also add a voice. The duration of each box can also be automatically adjusted according to the duration of the voice. This makes creating new videos extremely easy and fast. Overall, the video maker, video maker, and text-to-speech generator are excellent and will allow you to quickly create and efficiently duplicate full-voice videos to completely take over YouTube. Most of the competitors I’ve seen don’t offer all these features together, and they certainly aren’t as sleek. Frustrating bugs are a common theme. That’s why Video Spin Blaster Pro is worth it and offers excellent value for money.

Minor problem

Of course, no video software is perfect, and Video Spin Blaster is no exception. However, I didn’t notice anything that made me regret the purchase. And there is NO reason that would make me hesitate to recommend it to you. Personally, I’d like them to look into tweaking some of the voice accents. Some sound too robotic for my taste. Most of them are great though. One solution I’ve found to be quite effective is to spell words the way they sound. For example: If the selected accent doesn’t pronounce “Binance” correctly, simply change the spelling to “Buynance” in the text-to-speech section. Play around with the spelling of the word and that should solve the problem 99% of the time. Don’t stress about it though. Apparently, some of the most popular videos on YouTube use shoddy text-to-speech software, and all their millions of viewers and subscribers don’t seem to mind.
In addition, I want to talk about the results you can expect when using Video Spin Blaster Pro, and more specifically, some of the results I was able to achieve just by making one quick video with Video Spin Blaster Pro.

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Results you can achieve

Depending on how much effort you are willing to put in, you can start seeing results almost immediately after using Video Spin Blaster Pro. I was able to quickly create a video, add a voice over, and then spin it up into multiple copies to upload to different YouTube channels for a number of different keywords. Using it in conjunction with Video Marketing Blaster (you can read my review here), I was able to get a number of videos to the top of YouTube in one day. The result is quite a lot of video views and a nice commission as a result. You can see one of the videos below, as well as a screenshot of the recommendations it generated. It was in a competitive crypto niche (which I know nothing about) and I’m still making decent crypto commissions to this day. The screenshots were created using StepShot (an amazing tool for quickly capturing screenshots and editing them into guides). The rest was done in Video Spin Blaster Pro.

Video Spin Blaster

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