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How to start Advertising on TikTok

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When it involves today’s high social media platforms, it very doesn’t get a lot of hotter than TikTok. that produces it a golden advertising chance for brands, companies, and marketers of every kind. Here’s what you wish to understand to induce started.


Running a successful business is concerning over simply group action unbelievable product and services your customers can’t live while not.

Even the best product can’t sell themselves, therefore you wish to let your target market apprehend they’re out there. That’s wherever digital advertising comes in, and therefore the right social media platforms area unit a vast a part of that.

Saying that TikTok may be a well-liked social media possibility currently is sort of an underestimation. In 2022, the video-sharing platform had over one billion active users, which momentum shows no signs of deceleration down.

That said, advertising on TikTok is unquestionably one thing each digital-age complete ought to think about.

Why do you have to think about Advertising on TikTok?

Types of TikTok Ads

How Do TikTok Ads Work?

How to started a TikTok movement

Take Advertising on TikTok to successive Level

Why do you have to think about Advertising on TikTok?

When it involves social media promoting, selecting the correct platforms for your complete is crucial, and every possibility brings its distinctive advantages to the table.
For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram boast massive numbers of users from a range of various demographics. Meanwhile, LinkedIn may be a good fit B2B brands.
TikTok, on the opposite hand, is that the place to be if you’re wanting to attach with younger audiences like millennials and info Z, because the overwhelming majority of TikTok users area unit below thirty years recent. Here’s a glance at many a lot of reasons why you ought to think about advertising on TikTok.

  • User-Friendly

If you’re new TikTok, positively don’t let that reality stop you from giving advertising there a strive. TikTok makes putting in associate ad blitz and generating content implausibly straightforward and intuitive, therefore you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Economical

It’s conjointly a cheap possibility for businesses of the many varieties. TikTok offers advertisers a alternative between setting a daily or life take into account every campaign.
And though each campaign are going to be totally different, it prices most marketers less on the average to advertise on TikTok than it will on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Versatile

TikTok offers advertisers a good vary of various ad varieties to decide on from, every with its distinctive advantages and blessings.
All choices area unit started to maximise engagement and earn brands the best potential come back on their investment. Plus, TikTok users, on the complete, area unit a awfully engaged bunch, in general.

  • Influencer-Friendly

If you’re curious about increasing your influencer promoting efforts to TikTok, you’ll be happy to understand it’s a awfully influencer-friendly place.
Not solely is that the platform home to a range of various influencers – everybody from athletes to top-tier bloggers – however it’s the place to be for raw, relatable content, that is sandwich right away.

Types of TikTok Ads

Advertising on TikTok is all concerning video, however don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s only 1 choice to make a choice from once it involves advertising content.
Your TikTok for Business Ads Manager makes it potential for you to make your alternative of a range of various choices. They include:

In-Feed Ads

When TikTok guests 1st open the app, they land right at the highest of their “For You” feed. “For You” is all concerning serving up videos the platform’s algorithmic program thinks the user would be most curious about. Your in-feed ads are going to be here, too, featured concerning four videos down from the highest.

Spark Ads

Spark ads offer you the choice of disposition a lot of reach to either your own branded content or that of alternative users. this kind of ad is implausibly effective, with a twenty four % higher rate of completion, additionally as a 142 % higher rate of engagement than commonplace in-feed ads.

TopView Ads

A TopView ad has the chance to seem one time per day, however that happens at the simplest potential time – right once the user opens their app for the primary time that day.
TopView ads may also be up to a complete minute long, therefore these area unit terrific choices for brands that require that additional time to induce their messages across.
“TikTok offers advertisers a alternative between setting a daily or life take into account every campaign.”

Branded Hashtags
How would you wish the chance to possess exclusive access to a particular hashtag as a part of your advertising campaign?
That wouldn’t be potential on the other social media platform, however that’s exactly what branded hashtags area unit all concerning on TikTok. Use your hashtag to feature your own branded content, additionally as encourage alternative users to hitch in.

Branded Effects
Half the fun of constructing videos on TikTok is adding cool filters and alternative effects to them in order that they genuinely feel distinctive and watch-worthy.
TikTok offers advertisers the prospect to make branded effects their audiences can go ape for – an incredible, fun thanks to raise complete awareness and expose their product to the correct shoppers.

Brand Takeovers
Only one business on a daily basis gets to be the main target of a TikTok complete takeover, and it’s an enormous deal. complete takeovers will embody a mix of branded hashtags, in-feed ads, and TopView ads, additionally as pictures, GIFs, and more.
They represent associate investment, beginning at $50,000 per day. However, they’ll generate astronomical profits for the brands concerned, therefore they’re well price considering if you have got them in your promoting budget.
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How Do TikTok Ads Work?
As with most social media platforms currently, everything concerning TikTok is ready up to be straightforward, easy, and easy. This includes putting in a billboard.
Start your journey by putting in a TikTok business account, as this can be your spot for manufacturing, posting, and following your ads. Input a short description of your company, additionally as started your most popular technique of payment.

Then decide whether or not you’d rather add simplified mode or custom mode.

  • Go with simplified mode if you wish the simplest, quickest, most convenient ad creation technique, as TikTok’s algorithmic program can do heaps of the exertions for you.
  • Choose custom mode if you wish complete and total management over your creator expertise. assume options like audience targeting, A/B testing, ad combos, and full customization.

If you’re very unsure that possibility is correct for you, don’t worry. You’re unengaged to switch from one mode to a different anytime you wish.

How to started a TikTok movement

Ready to induce the show on the road along with your terribly 1st campaign? Here area unit many straightforward steps to get you started within the right direction.

Select your objective
Every movement desires associate objective, that is not any less the case once advertising on TikTok. On TikTok, you have got a range of various choices, every of that falls into one among 3 classes.

  • Awareness: this selection shows your ad to the utmost variety of acceptable users – nice for complete awareness campaigns and name building.
  • Consideration: This class contains choices designed to drive traffic to URLs, encourage app downloads, generate leads, or maximize ad plays.
  • Conversions: this can be the simplest possibility if you’re wanting to possess users fulfill specific calls-to-action on your web site or show dynamic ads that includes choices from your product catalog.

Set your budget
Budgeting is crucial for any facet of your digital promoting campaign, and that’s pretty straightforward to try to to once advertising on TikTok. provide your campaign a reputation which will be straightforward for your entire team to acknowledge. (It will be something 512 characters or below.) Then think about your budget.
On TikTok, you have got the choice of setting a daily budget. however if there’s a most quantity you don’t wish to exceed for the complete campaign, you’ll be able to set a life budget instead.
And if you have got deep pockets at the instant, you’ll be able to conjointly prefer to proceed with none limits.

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Set up your ad teams
Just as you’ll be able to do on Google ads, Facebook, and lots of alternative advertising interfaces, you’ll be able to keep your campaign nice and arranged on TikTok by putting in ad teams.
You can produce anyplace from one to 999, therefore you have got area to phase your efforts to no matter degree you want.
You can set a distinct ad placement for every cluster. (Some choices is also restricted in specific locales.) you’ll be able to select for your ads to seem in TikTok’s “For You” feeds, across their numerous apps (such as TopBuzz and BuzzVideo), and more. you’ll be able to conjointly enable TikTok to optimize the delivery of your ads by choosing automatic placement.
And in fact, TikTok permits users to line separate schedules and budgets for every ad cluster.
Decide a way to target your audience
If you’re wanting to attach with a particular audience, you’ll be able to conjointly elect to possess your ads expressly shown to them, therefore decide whether or not this can be one thing you’d wish to do.
Among alternative choices, you’ll be able to target your ads per your audience’s age, gender, location, interests, behaviors, and device details.

Create your ad content
You can connect up to twenty totally different ads to every of your created ad teams, therefore you’ve lots of area to be inventive once advertising on TikTok. and therefore the creation method is implausibly easy, like the other style of content on the platform.
Simply select your ad format. Then either add your own video and pictures or get with a example via

TikTok’s integrated video tools. produce your TikTok content masterpiece.
Pick a fingernail, add text and links, and submit. Your ad can bear a fast review method, however you’re formally up and running once that’s finished!
Take Advertising on TikTok to successive Level
Now that you simply apprehend the fundamentals of advertising on TikTok, it’s time to kick things into high. creative thinking is king on TikTok and lots of alternative well-liked social media platforms nowadays, therefore you’ll wish to bring your A-game to your current strategy.
Check out our write-up on a way to take your TikTok ad campaigns to successive level and on the far side. You’ll find out about the importance of constructing content as opposition ads, a way to gain footing on alternative rising platforms (like Snapchat and Pinterest), and more!

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