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How to make money
Financial and Entrepreneurship

How to make money with Jumia Affiliate

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Welcome back to another article on how to change your financial life, In today’s article you will learn how to make money with Jumia Affiliate.
The multi-billion dollar affiliate marketing industry offers some exciting job prospects for innovators. E-commerce companies are increasingly using this strategy to sell their products and services. According to Awin’s 2021 Affiliate Marketing Study, 37% of the billions of individuals now shopping online did so through affiliate links as of April. Jumia affiliate allows affiliates to earn money in Ghana

How to make money
How to get started with Jumia Affiliate
Among the many affiliate programs available, the Jumia affiliate program is one of the most convenient affiliate programs you can embark on as a Ghanaian. Like all other affiliate programs, you will receive a commission for each potential customer who purchases products through your unique link.
What you need to know before starting Jumia Affiliate;
#1 You need active traffic
Affiliate marketing becomes more exciting when you have ready traffic consuming your content. If you are new to digital marketing, the best way to promote products is through Facebook groups, Quora, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Pinterest and other paid traffic sites.
#2 You need a niche
If you already follow social media, you have a niche, but if you are a beginner, you need to find a niche.

What is a niche:
A niche is an area that you understand and can articulate best. It can cover any topic, finance and investing, fitness and health, self development and more.
As a beginner, you need to find something that you are interested in, that you want to promote, something that you can testify about, and mostly something that you have used before in order to convince your potential customers to buy the product.

#3 Build your email list
After sharing your Jumia affiliate link on most social sites, it is important that you build your email list to maintain traffic/customers to promote more products. A list of a few sites you can use to build your email list include Get Response, Mail Munch, and more.
With these few steps above, I can guarantee that you will have a successful Jumia affiliate business, but you must understand that consistency is the key to success.
How to make money with Jumia Affiliate
In order to benefit financially from the Jumia Affiliate Program, you must help Jumia sell its products. You will be compensated if someone you refer to Jumia through your affiliate banner/link purchases something from Jumia.
Note: If you refer a million customers to Jumia and none of them buy, they won’t pay you a cent because they didn’t make money. So you need to influence your purchase recommendation.

By including Jumia banner ads and text links on your blog or website, you can effortlessly drive visitors to the Jumia website. If you use banners, be careful to choose them based on your intended audience and place them in important areas of your website or social media profile. When promoting Jumia products using text links, try using short, informative phrases that will encourage clicks, such as “Buy your desired smartphone, Best Deals | Extra 10% off:”
You can discuss their items and include affiliate links in your blog posts. You can also post your link to a previous blog article that discusses a product available on Jumia.
Dashboard Jumia KOL

How to make money
Continue to generate traffic to your blog and keep track of your progress on the Jumia affiliate program portal. Once you reach the payout threshold, you can request a transfer of earnings to your bank account.
How do I become an affiliate partner?
The first step to becoming a Jumia affiliate is to create an account. Follow the steps below;
Visit their website. Click here
To log in, fill out the registration forms.
When you’re done, Jumia will send you a confirmation email.
Enter your login information to create Jumia banner ads and landing pages that you can use on your blog or social media profiles.
Earn up to 11% commission + bonus on every sale

How to create affiliate links for Jumia
It would be completely useless to invest time in the affiliate marketing sector in general without understanding how affiliate links are created.

How to make money
Understanding how affiliate links are created.
Now let’s look at the process of creating ads on Jumia.
Visit the Jumia Affiliate Dashboard.
Select Advertisement and choose from two options (offers, custom links)
Next, decide which country you want to sponsor by promoting their product.
Select a product category (Games, Mobile, Computers, TVs & Audio, Health & Beauty, Perfumes, Food, Kids, Sports & Fitness)
If you selected Custom Links: You will need to find the product link on the official Jumia website.
Paste the URL you copied into the empty space marked.
Finally, copy the newly created link and paste it into the URL area that you want to use for website or social media advertising.

Commission Model

Category Basic Commission + Bonus Basic Commission Bonus
Men’s Clothing 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Men’s Accessories 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Men’s Shoes 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Women’s Accessories 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Women’s Shoes 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Boy’s Fashion 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Women’s Clothing 11% 8.25% 2.75%
Girl’s Fashion 10% 7.50% 2.50%
Automotive & Motorcycles 10% 7.50% 2.50%
Beauty & Perfumes 9% 7.00% 2.00%
Sport & Fitness 9% 7.00% 2.00%
Books & Stationery 8% 6.00% 2.00%
Kids and Baby 7% 5.00% 2.00%
Home 7% 5.00% 2.00%
Grocer’s Shop 7% 5.00% 2.00%
Appliances 6% 4.50% 1.50%
Cameras & Accessories 6% 4.50% 1.50%
TVs, Audio, and Video 5% 4.00% 1.00%
Computing 5% 4.00% 1.00%
Games & Consoles 4% 3.00% 1.00%
Tablets & Accessories 3% 2.00% 1.00%
Phones 3% 2.00% 1.00%
Services 2% 1.50% 0.50%
Events & Tickets 2% 1.50% 0.50%
Weddings 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Musical Instruments 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Livestock 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Tuskys 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Unisex’s Accessories 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Tobacco 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Reconditioned 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Laundry 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Beverages 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Food cupboard 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Adult 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Wholesale 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Household care 1% 0.75% 0.25%
Miscellaneous 1% 0.75% 0.25%

If you have been paying attention up to this point, you will be able to register and receive your Jumia affiliate program link.
Once created, all that needs to be done is to ensure that these links are promoted.
Congratulations, you are on your way to making lots of money when you advertise and someone uses your link to buy something on Jumia.
Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones and if you face any challenge while doing this, feel free to write in the comment section below and I will address you as soon as possible. See you on my next article

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