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How to make Christmas memorable in Ghana despite economic hardship

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Economic challenges will always be there as long as Ghana remains dependent on imports and produces less to meet the demands of citizens while politicians continue to mismanage the country’s resources.

It would therefore be imprudent to want to postpone fun moments like Christmas just because of economic challenges. No matter how hard things get, human beings need to take a break from the daily grind to have fun, glorify God for his goodness, and rejuvenate to be a soldier.

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Yes, it is common knowledge that Ghanaians are facing economic hardships at the moment, but here are some simple ways Christmas lovers can still make it with just two months to go.
Save for:
Instead of saying things are hard if Christmas is a big deal for you, start saving for it gradually and before you know it you’ll have a substantial amount to live with.

Lower your expectations:
You may have celebrated Christmas in style in the past, but now “we are not in normal times”. Cut your coat according to your outfit; whatever you can afford, manage it for the time being and hope for a better time next year.

Take advantage of Black Friday and other events at the end of the year:
Economic difficulties are not unique to individuals like you; companies and businesses alike are feeling the pinch. However, some of them may want to do special promotions by reducing the prices of their goods. It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of.

Reduce spending and impulse purchases:
From now on, before spending, plan what you want to buy, if it is necessary at all, and how much you can afford to spend on it. Avoid buying things you didn’t plan ahead of time. That way, you can be in a good financial position to join the celebration.
Get together as friends and do something:
It would also not be out of place for good friends to get together and pool money to throw a party to make this season unforgettable. It will be better than doing nothing at all.
Stay wherever you are and celebrate:

With the high cost of transportation, instead of traveling to your hometown this Christmas, you can find a way to enjoy yourself wherever you are.
Forget it; it comes again:
It’s not a do-or-die affair; you can let it pass and better prepare for next year. If you don’t have the means, don’t kill yourself or go stealing. What matters is that you are alive.

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