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Get Free MTN Airtime
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How To Get Free MTN Airtime And Cheap Data Pack 2022

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MTN Loyalty Rewards; I have good news for you today. In today’s article, I am going to share with you a feature on how to get free MTN Airtime package and cheap data package. Please take your time to read the entire article to understand how to get a free and cheap data pack.
Thus, MTN Ghana always brings promotions that benefit their users and has been running a specific promotion called MTN Loyalty Rewards for a long time.

With Mtn Loyalty Rewards, you get free MTN airtime and a cheap data package.

What is MTN Loyalty Rewards?

Mtn Ghana always gives back to the community, so whenever you buy airtime or data pack on your SIM card, you automatically earn points. These points are known as MTN loyalty points.
Users who earn MTN Loyalty Points will receive free airtime, internet data or a percentage voucher to spend on their favorite meals at specialty restaurants.
Mtn Loyalty Rewards
How to check your MTN loyalty points
Checking your points and seeing what options your points can offer you will help you choose and spend them wisely.

  • Dial *550#
  • Select option 7. (MTN reward).
  • Select option 1. (Check your points balance).

How do I spend my MTN loyalty points?

You can choose from a variety of packages provided by MTN Ghana using loyalty points. Bundles available as rewards include data bundles, MTN airtime and voucher codes.

Airtime Packages

Points Package offers
500pts 0.25p
1000pts 0.50p
2000pts GHC 1
4000pts GHC 2
10000pts GHC 5
20000pts GHC 10
40000pts GHC 20


Data Bundle Packages

Daily Offers

Points Pakage Offer Duration
1000pts 20MB 1 Day
2000pts 50MB 1 Day
4000pts 120MB 1 Day

Weekly Offers

Points Package Offer Duration
4000pts 60MB 7 Days
6000pts 180MB 7 Days
10000pts 300MB  Days


Monthly Offers


Points Package Offer Duration
20000pts 400MB 30 Days
40000pts 1GB 30 Days
80000pts 2.5GB 30 Days

Voucher Offers

Joint Location Duration
Nyo Nyo Foods Accra 30 Days
Santinos Kumasi 30 Days
Nyaho Clinic Accra 30 Days
Dishrack Accra 30 Days
X-Men Accra 30 Days
Frankies Accra 30 Days

How to use your points to buy free airtime

As previously mentioned, you can redeem your rewards loyalty points for a variety of options. However, the common options are for airtime.

  • Dial *550#
  • Select Option 7. (MTN Rewards)
  • Select 99. (more).
  • Choose option 2 (redeem points).
  • Select 1. (broadcast time).
  • Points and available broadcast time will be displayed in the following pop-up window.
  • Choose the points you have available and the bonus airtime will be added to your account.
  • Now you can use it to call any network until you use them all.

How to use your points to buy a free data pack

Now that you are aware of the best way to get free airtime from MTN Ghana, here is a guide that can be used to exchange MTN loyalty points for a free MTN data pack.

  • Dial *550#
  • Select Option 7. (MTN Rewards)
  • Select 99. (more).
  • Choose option 2 (redeem points).
  • Select 2. (Volumes).
  • In the following popup window, the points and available data will be displayed next to it.
  • Select the available points and the attached package will be applied to your account.
  • Now you can use it as often as you want to explore the Internet.

Data packages can be redeemed daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how many points you’ve earned and how you prefer to spend them.

How to get free vouchers with your points

Apart from the free airtime and data package, MTN Ghana also has famous restaurants where you can use your loyalty rewards to get discounts on food.
Free discount vouchers

  • Enter *550#
  • Then choose option 7. (MTN Rewards)
  • Select option 99, “More”
  • Select 2 (to redeem points),
  • Option 3 should be selected. (Additional Rewards)
  • At this point, select any restaurant of your choice.

After selecting the Loyalty Rewards restaurant of your choice, the discount will be applied to the points that correspond to it. Order your food and choose a discount based on your total points.
Please note that since you are manipulating the target, you must select a location that is in your location.

Validity of MTN Loyalty Points

  • Generated voucher codes are valid for thirty (30) days and cannot be used after expiry.
  • If you haven’t used any of your MTN Royalty Rewards points in the previous 90 days, they will expire after three months. If the customer decides not to use the service, all earned points will also be withheld.
  • Airtime and data redeemed are valid for 30 days after the date or time of redemption. They will be lost within 30 days if not used.


When you’re in desperate need of airtime or data and have no other option, points can be redeemed. Just keep in mind that MTN rewards points are available as a backup. If you follow the instructions above, you will be taken care of.
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