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How to Apply for an eSIM from MTN in Ghana.

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MTN Ghana has launched a digital SIM card known as eSIM, also known as an embedded or electronic SIM. It is a chip that is incorporated into a mobile phone, wristband, or tablet device at the point of manufacture to help you connect to your network provider.

In contrast to a physical SIM card, which performs identical functions, the “eSIM profile” must be installed on an eSIM-enabled device in order to activate the eSIM.
As per a post seen by, both Pay-More only as costs arise (Paid ahead of time) and Postpaid individual and business supporters can utilize the eSIM. Upgrades to eSIM will be made available to customers whose phone numbers are already registered with MTN.

More Reading: How to Check Your Business Name on the RGD Portal in Ghana With the Ghana Card, new subscribers would go through the usual registration procedure and have their biometric data taken. Every new eSIM activation comes with a free, one-time, non-expiring 10GB data bundle upon successful activation.

How to Register for MTN eSIM in Ghana In accordance with MTN’s mission to “lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to its clients,” the launch of eSIM will assist the company in achieving its Ambition 2025 objectives. The eSIM will make it possible for customers to access a variety of devices that support eSIM, which will also enhance the customer experience.

In 2020, MTN Nigeria was testing its eSIM product on the Nigerian market. The identical product will be available to Ghanaian consumers in 2022.
It offers subscriptions for millions of brand-new devices without making use of the SIM card logistics currently in place. It will also make the user experience better by connecting their new device quickly.

How to sign up for an MTN eSIM in Ghana?

  1. Dial *#06# from your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Barcodes and EID numbers will be displayed to show that the device is compatible. If no EID is visible, the device is not compatible with eSIM.
  3. You can also accomplish this by going to
  4. In addition, the myMTN App or myMTN Lite can be used to register users.

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