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God Has Heard Our Prayers – Ghanaians React As Private Jets ‘Ban’ From Queen’s Funeral

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Ghanaians React As Queen Elizabeth, the longest serving monarch of the United Kingdom died last Thursday and preparations are already underway for a grand funeral for the late queen. She served her people for about 70 years and will leave as the second reigning monarch after France’s Louis XIV, who reigned for 72 years. The funeral of the late Queen is expected to be witnessed by a number of high profile dignitaries who will attend the event.

Ghanaians React As

According to today’s announcement, foreign diplomats and heads of state cannot arrive on their private jets. They will all have to wait at a location in West London where a coach will escort them to the funeral grounds. World leaders have also been charged to fly to London on commercial aircraft for security reasons. These world leaders also banned the use of helicopters. They will have to wait for transport to the church.
Leaders can also only be with one partner or escort. In a Facebook post, A-Plus reacted to this latest development, mentioning that it means President Akufo-Addo will then not be able to attend. He called on the UK to organize their funeral as private jets would not be allowed to fly into the country for the funeral.

Ghanaians React As

Many have since reacted to this new information as well. Many say God has answered Ghana’s prayers to prevent the president from using the public purse to fund his luxury private jet trips. Amusingly, some say the measure was only for Ghana because it has been recorded that all the president does is fly private jets. Check out some of the comments.
Will President Akufo-Addo fly to the funeral in a commercial jet? Will the president even attend the funeral?

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