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Ghanaians 'Blast' DJ Switch

Go And ‘Tell’ Your Age Mates – Ghanaians ‘Blast’ DJ Switch To Send A Message To Ghanaians

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Erica Tandoh is one of Ghana’s youngest minds. Since being on Talented Kidz, the young disc jockey has made it big and become one of Ghana’s brightest spots in the international arena. She represented Ghana at many levels and had the opportunity to meet many world leaders. It was recently reported that Erica, popularly called DJ Switch, has gained acceptance into Chaminade College in the United States. She followed it up with a series of photos to confirm the news. Erica sent a message to her fans today.

Ghanaians 'Blast' DJ Switch

The young star was clearly trying to motivate and encourage her fans
“No matter how organized you are, no matter how prepared you are, if you do something and it doesn’t work, remember that nobody is perfect. Giving up should not be in your vocabulary. Try again,” Erica said. She explained that people need to make plans for the future, but at the same time seize the moment that is present and do something good.

Ghanaians 'Blast' DJ Switch

However, this news did not sit well with some Ghanaians. In a series of comments on TV3’s Facebook page, the young girl was criticized for her slang after only a few weeks in the United States. Others questioned the audacity and experience Erica has to motivate others. Interestingly, many called her to go and advise her old colleague because Ghana” is too hot to feel she is mature enough to motivate.
Erica may have meant no harm, but the barrage of insults and criticism really took away from a beautiful message. Watch the message video below.
what do you think? Does Erica have enough experience to warrant the words she used?

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