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Jonathan Dakubo

From Jirapa to Korle Bu’s theatre – Story of Prof. Jonathan Dakubo (Part Two)

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Jirapa : Continuing his existence story, Prof. Jonathan Dakubo stated going to the University become now no longer with out challenges. Chief among them become finance.

Jonathan Dakubo
According to him, reporting to campus intended he may want to not paintings on farms in groups round Kumasi.
“It become a full-time business,” he stated.
In order to put together closer to fending for himself withinside the University, he began out saving his National Service allowance with the headmistress.
The country of his own circle of relatives residence because of forget for plenty yr due to the fact he become in scientific faculty
At the time, the NSS allowance become 225 Ghana cedis, out of which he could best spend 50 Ghana cedis whilst going approximately his responsibilities as a technological know-how instructor at St. Francis.


“Payment become table-pinnacle. All employees have been paid on table-pinnacle and now no longer thru the financial institution. So the girl did nicely and each month she can be able to assist me keep it and collectively we were given 1,500.00 after the National Service period,” he stated.
The residence he first positioned as much as settle his dad and mom
He, however, miscalculated his costs on the University via way of means of assuming that 1,500 Ghana cedis become going to be sufficient to get him thru the primary years of his college education.
“Because in my estimation if I may want to spend 50 cedis a month, I may want to spend much less withinside the college however I forgot that during St Francis I become being given breakfast, lunch and supper. So I become very naïve. I stated ‘oh this 1,500.00 can take me some distance’. I become very wrong. That cash couldn’t even closing a month on the college.”
After packing the few matters he owned and the little given to him via way of means of the headmistress, younger Dakubo become equipped to document to KNUST.

Dr. Dakubo’s mother
“Now college reopened on Friday and I attempted to be there that equal day. When I were given to campus, I had already spent approximately 100.00 out of the 1,500.00 due to the fact I needed to journey from the north and purchase some matters. I advised myself, ‘k this one is the preliminary input, I will do the relaxation ‘sorpi sorpi sorpi.’’
“Then we had orientation on Monday on the scientific faculty. After that, we have been requested to head for our admission letters and have been required to pay a one-off registration charge of Ȼ1,100.00. I become shaken via way of means of that,” he stated.
At that point, Dr. Dakubo started out reassessing his choice to return back to the University.

“I stated, appearance if I take this cash and visit set up a farm in a farming network no one will pay attention approximately me. I will simply be in that jungle. But if I am in scientific faculty right here, a person will pay attention that I am performing some precise on an empty stomach, and they may come and supply me some thing. So primarily based totally on that on my own I took the Ȼ1,100.00 and went and paid my registration fees. I become left with Ȼ300.00.”

He advised me that previous to his arrival on the University, the authorities used to feed University college students. However, whilst that scheme become discontinued, authorities began out meting out coins to college students each weeks for upkeep.
“You realize we needed to do registration and all the ones matters. The cash needed to undergo Accountant General, to banks earlier than we get it. So it took a few time. But whilst it comes you’re paid after or 3 weeks. So my pals drew my interest to it whilst the primary fee got here, it become known as BANK LA, and it become disbursed via way of means of Ghana Commercial Bank. When I went to the bills I discovered that each scholar withinside the public college then become to take delivery of 700.00 each weeks for free.”
This, he says, is one of the motives he determined it tough to go away Ghana after faculty. According to him, he perceived it as “morally wrong” to desert a rustic that had catered for him so very well to paintings someplace else.
His residence for his nuclear own circle of relatives withinside the village

“When I visit a white guy’s usa I sense very unhappy due to the fact I don’t see what they’re doing that we can not do. If your authorities can cope with you, why can’t you live and supply again due to the fact this is the entire essence of education; to emerge as enlightened to be productive.

Jonathan Dakubo

“After primary faculty whilst my father stopped paying faculty fees, it become so tough. At Nandom Secondary School, I become fed 3 food a day. In reality withinside the north whilst we visit secondary faculty this is in which we have been fed better. The white nuns make certain you’re fed like them,” he stated.
Recounting his existence on campus, Prof stated after 3 years withinside the University, the financial institution allowance scheme become cancelled following numerous moves because of delays withinside the disbursement of budget.
Instead, the authorities delivered the scholar loans scheme to cater for the scholars in a cost-sharing arrangement.
Jonathan and his more youthful brother
“It become additionally delivered in a totally clean manner. They knew human beings like us have been there. So the first-rate 4 percentage of each magnificence become given a scholarship after which I suppose the subsequent 12 percentage were given bursaries and the relaxation took loans. Thankfully, due to the fact I spent all my time gaining knowledge of I were given the scholarship. But withinside the fourth to 5th yr, I needed to stay on college students’ loans and matters have become a piece tough again; the cost of the cash had appreciably dropped.

“The hobby for college kids at that point become approximately 2 percentage. Government become paying approximately 17 percentage hobby. It is how the SSNIT scholar mortgage scheme withinside the tertiary establishments began out. Now I suppose it has modified however officially that become the way it become. So we the ones on scholarship can also take the mortgage and the scholarship cash as it become free. That’s how a number of us survived,” he recounted.
Sharing a few precise news, Prof stated his more youthful brother later joined him on the college on scholarship from the Catholic Church and later the Swiss Red Cross Society.
Dr. Dakubo together along with his mother
Throughout his live withinside the University, Dr. Dakubo’s dad and mom assumed he become on a far flung farm running to earn a few cash. He had now no longer advised them he become in Kumasi to similarly his education. After reading for 6 years on the University, he ultimately back domestic to tell his dad and mom.
“As quickly as I completed scientific faculty, I took a automobile again domestic. It took me 6years to finish. That become on sixteenth August, 1991. We have been forced to begin paintings on 1st September the equal yr however we stated ‘no way, we’re tired’. So we had best weeks damage to begin residence process. I rushed to inform my dad and mom that their woes are over, I am now a scientific doctor.

“My father stated “oh get away, this isn’t true. How are we able to consider you? Who trains docs in Ghana? As some distance as I realize, docs are skilled abroad.” That even made me greater decided to live domestic and paintings and additionally emerge as a health care professional.
Working scientific officer in Jirapa
“When I completed my residence process at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, primarily based totally on my request, they published me immediately to Jirapa Hospital. My hometown. I had continually desired to be published there.”
It become throughout his residence process on the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi that he met his spouse, Magdalene Anglayere. They have been married in 1992.
“She become then an administrator. She completed a secretarial path on the polytechnic in Kumasi. I become approximately 31 years vintage after I married her and she or he become approximately 25 to 26 years vintage. She is likewise from the Upper West region,” he introduced with a large smile.

The moved to Jirapa, in which he labored first as a scientific officer and later as a senior scientific officer until 2000.
“My time at Jirapa become incredible and fun. I loved my live with the human beings, mainly the health center body of workers, maximum of whom have been skilled via way of means of the early catholic missionaries who got here there. They have been punctual, tough-running, dedicated, honest, continually positioned the affected person first and lovely.
House officer in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
“My live there additionally got here with a whole lot of lessons. Working there has been continually the dream and purpose and I had deliberate to stay all my existence and paintings there, however that didn’t pass in step with plan.”
According to Dr. Dakubo, he had desired to be a health care professional so he may want to sooner or later take over from Dr. Edward Gyader who become slowly burning out.
He stated, collectively with Most Rev. Paul Bemile who’s the Catholic Bishop of Wa, they went searching out a slot for him to be skilled.
First, they were given him one in Heidelberg however it become too expensive.
Later, the bishop were given every other slot at Belfast for him to educate in gynaecology; however Dr. Dakubo grew to become it down due to the fact the path define become narrow.
Dr. Dakubo’s spouse, Magdalene
He may want to already do greater than he might be skilled in considering that Sr. Edgitha Gorges had in advance come to live in Jirapa and skilled him to carry out complicated gynaecological surgeries. These encompass overall stomach hysterectomy, overall virginal hysterectomy, VVF repair, etc.
In 1997, Dr. Dakubo become arrested on fees of contempt of courtroom docket. He stated it become one of the stories he’s going to in no way overlook throughout his time in Jirapa.
At the time, ladies in Jirapa region have been reporting to the health center with tetanus. As tetanus is more often than not transmitted thru open wounds, Dr. Dakubo could attempt searching out the injuries at the ladies’ our bodies however discover not anything. This caused numerous ladies demise.
It become throughout one such incident that a public fitness physician, Mr Francis Banka, counseled to him to continually do a vaginal inspection at the patients. Apparently, one of the male nurses from the health center become mission abortion strategies for younger ladies withinside the network beneathneath unsanitary conditions.

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“He become from a Catholic health center and he become doing it in his residence and his residence become a dust residence painted with cow dung. Cow dung additionally has tetanus spores. So he become shifting the contamination thru their vagina,” he revealed.
Dr. Dakubo and his scientific faculty yr group, SMS-ninety one creating a donation to their alma mater
When the health center attempted to perform punitive moves towards the male nurse, they have been sued and the courtroom docket requested the health center to reinstate the nurse.
Dr. Dakubo, who had via way of means of then assumed the position of appearing scientific superintendent went beforehand and reinstated him. He began out paying him from the internally generated budget whilst he labored to get his call at the authorities payroll.
Later, the younger nurse become brushed off and requested handy over some thing running equipment he had with him to the appearing scientific superintendent.
Dr. Dakubo invited him to his workplace and that they mentioned the difficulty extensively. The younger guy typical what had happened, thanked Dr. Dakubo for reinstating him and making all of the efforts he did via way of means of paying him from the health center’s coffers until his call become introduced to the payroll at controller.
It is likewise exciting to observe that, Dr. Dakubo has been subpoenaed more than one instances to seem earlier than courtroom docket; each in Wa and Kumasi to function a witness on homicide and corona instances that he had written reviews on.
Usually, a police CIA will carry the letter from the courtroom docket. He may also upload a duplicate of the document Dr. Dakubo wrote at the case to assist refresh his mind.
But in October of that yr, Dr. Dakubo acquired a subpoena from courtroom docket with out a police CIA accompanying it.
“Immediately I noticed it, I advised my spouse that it’s a scientific sentence and I am going to jail. For some thing I knew not anything approximately. Finally, the government secretary of the Diocesan Health Service of Wa and I seemed in courtroom docket. We have been installed dockets and sentence become read. We have been charged with contempt of courtroom docket, 3 months immediately with tough labour,” he stated.
Luckily for him, he best spent 3 days in jail after the body of workers of the health center got here to wood in the front of the Wa jail residence disturbing his release.
His Colo-Proctology Hospital; Mwin Tuba Hospital & Colo-Proctology Centre. Mwin Tuba manner God Follows Them
“On Friday, once we have been incarcerated, all of the body of workers packed out of the health center and that they got here and slept at the streets in Wa, infront of the jail. The entire health center left. Those who got here with motorbikes got here. Those who got here with bicycles additionally got here and slept at the principle roundabout while you input Wa; in which the police station is. They slept on the roundabout the entire day from morning until evening,” he stated.
“So now the Regional Minister, the Catholic Bishop of Wa, and all and sundry who had a voice needed to arise and circulate into action. Because I become the best ‘health care professional who become preserving human beings alive withinside the health center, for the 3 days I spent in jail, human beings have been demise from strangulated hernia, obstructed labour, typhoid perforation, and different effortlessly remediable surgical conditions.
“So they advised the decide which you can’t do this. Even when you have accumulated bribe you don’t do such things as that. I spent 3 days in jail and it become exciting due to the fact all and sundry handled me nicely withinside the jail. Everybody knew it become a silly case,” he introduced.
In 1999 following his fulfillment withinside the Ministry of Health access checks for postgraduate schooling, Dr. Dakubo become published to begin his surgical schooling on the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
Although his colleagues said and began out the schooling in October that yr, as of January 2000, he had nonetheless now no longer acquired his admission letter from the Ministry of Health.
A ward in his health center
He went beforehand to take a seat down for the Primary Examinations of the West African College of Surgeons at Jirapa and passed.
He become then published to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to do his surgical treatment residency; ensuing in his relocation together along with his own circle of relatives to Accra in June 2000.
After finishing a scientific postgraduate path, Dr. Dakubo become published to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in which he has been considering that 2000.
His surgical treatment residency become finished in October 2005 and after a few put off he joined the University of Ghana Medical School Faculty in Surgery in September 2009 as a lecturer on probation for 2 years.
Later, he become appointed senior lecturer in 2011, Associate Professor of Surgery in 2014 and Professor of Surgery in 2022.
Working very carefully with the woman health care professional who become to perform on my then fistula, Dr. Antoinette Akosua Aseidua Bediako-Bowan, Dr. Dakubo has installed the colorectal surgical treatment unit on the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
The duo have centered their interest at the innovation and improvement of surgical strategies which can be ideal to the Ghanaian human beings and now have terrific outcomes.
They have additionally been busy coaching and mentoring younger surgeons to emerge as colorectal surgeons. They presently have younger trainee surgeons, with greater predicted to sign up for the own circle of relatives quickly.
Dr. Dakubo withinside the center of a surgical operation
Dr. Dakubo has 3 daughters together along with his spouse.
“The first one is a scientific officer right here in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. The 2nd one is a midwife and she or he is reading in UDS now. The closing one is in her 5th yr on the University of Ghana Medical School. These youngsters have grew to become my residence right into a lecture hall. If you return back withinside the morning, you’ll see us having lectures,” he stated.
He has additionally lately opened his personal Colo-proctology Centre at Tuba, Kasoa. The centre mainly offers with the remedy of sicknesses that have an effect on the colon, rectum and anus.
It is a 65-mattress potential health center which runs a 24-hour service.

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