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Contractors demand clarification of the funds from the E-levy allocated for construction works

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The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry is urging the government to declare the revenue allocated to road construction from the E-levy collection in 2023.

Seeking public support for the passage of the E-Toll Bill in 2022, the government said the revenue generated would be used to address the country’s unemployment rate and build roads.

Speaking to Citi News, Emmanuel Cherry, the CEO of the chamber, lamented the delay in payment of road contractors.

“We hope that unless the government diverts funds like in the past, 2023 will be a good year for the construction sector in terms of roads and other buildings. With the VAT increase of 2.5 per cent approved, I pray that the government will follow through on what it has said. But as we speak, we don’t know how much of the E-levy revenue has been earmarked for the construction sector. So we want clarity,” he said.

Road contractors across the country have on several occasions complained about the government’s debt owed to them.

Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Atta, said the government will clear by the end of 2022 a “chunk” of outstanding debts owed to road contractors for work done.

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