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Conti-Katanga lobbies battle: KNUST bars understudies from taking element in ‘confidence’ meetings, suspends foyer races

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The Governing Council of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has expressed that any understudy who partakes withinside the affiliation of what is known as as ‘confidence’ and additionally ‘parade’ can be straight away excused.
The Council has likewise suspended endlessly, Hall Week and SRC Week Celebrations nearby.
These are amongst six specific measures taken through the Council next to exploring the brand new battle among understudies occupant in University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Continental).
The uproar, which become stated to have come approximately due to endeavors through understudies of Unity Hall to manipulate companions from University Hall from regarding their going through in a parade, took place on August 18, 2022.
Various motors left earlier than Conti have been harmed through the quarreling understudies. The battle left 3 motors harmed.

Three humans are currently in police care, even as sixty one others are being pursued.

An declaration dated August 26, recommended through the Registrar/Secretary to Council of KNUST, Mr. A.K. Boateng expressed, “Chamber of the University at an EMERGENCY MEETING held on Friday, twenty sixth August, 2022, amongst others, tested the Report of a Fact-Finding Committee, comprised through the Executive Committee of the University, following the brand new unsettling affects rising from the Hall Week Celebrations of the University Hall.”
As according to the declaration took the accompanying selections to deflect a repeat of the unhappy episode:
With effect from the 2023/2024 Academic Year, the Junior Common Room (JCR) System of Hall Management through understudies, is ABOLISHED. This implies, there might be no Students’ races for hall chiefs. The present day management shape containing Hall Councils, Hall Masters and Senior Tutors, might maintain on operating withinside the management of the problems of the Halls. What’s more, Hall Fellows can be named and relegated to floors/blocks of the Halls to exercise direct control over problems influencing understudies. Meanwhile, Hall Week and SRC Week Celebrations had been SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY.
Any understudy who takes element withinside the affiliation of ‘confidence’ or potentially ‘parade’ can be SUMMARILY DISMISSED.
Any understudy/understudies who is/are gotten to preserve onto excused, rusticated, eliminated student(s) and/graduate/alumna in his/her room in any of the Halls of Residence on Campus, can be recommended, fittingly.
Understudies who revel in any demonstration that allows you to warrant excusal, could have their names and images commonly disbursed withinside the National Dailies and at the University Website;
Understudies who’re rusticated for specific offenses could have their names and images disbursed internal for the attention of the University Community.
Board eagerly censured the brand new aggravations and upheld the non-stop examinations through the Ghana Police Service and the University Authorities. It become the selection of Council that any individual/understudy observed blamable need to be controlled through the suggestions of the University and people requiring similarly indictment through the State need to receive over to the Police.”
The KNUST Council supplied its way to people from the Ashanti Regional Security Council for the assist in tending to the circumstance.


“We provide our big way to the Ashanti Regional Minister, the Inspector-General of Police, the Regional Police Commander, and the Central Command of the Ghana Armed Forces, for the professional process they performed in helping with reestablishing quiet and serenity at the University grounds,” the declaration completed up.

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