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Aisha Huang’s Re-emergence Brouhaha: Failure to Fight Galamsey Started Under NDC – Ahiagbah

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Aisha Huang’s Re-emergence Brouhaha: Failure to Fight Galamsey:

While there is still controversy surrounding the description of the call to action against illegal mining activities in Ghana, the political scene is constantly swarming in its different propaganda, making it extremely difficult to get a clear picture. However, the leadership seemed to be well defined when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo boldly declared that he was going to position his presidency to fight against Galamsey in this country. It sounded so comforting, but what happened next? It became a banter between him and his Chief Minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo, when both vehemently disagreed with the deportation of Aisha Huang. While the former argued that it will disrupt Ghana’s relationship with China; therefore, her deportation should be lifted, she insisted that deportation was the best way to go because punishing her further could make China hold back on its decision to help Ghana with a $2 billion Sinohydro loan.

Aisha Huang's Galamsey
In a state of political turmoil and leadership crisis, we can only expect our leaders to choose China’s development at the expense of our deteriorating environment.
From another point of view, Kweku Baako Jr., a renowned Ghanaian journalist and editor, pointed out a few years ago that Aisha Huang is a very powerful woman with contacts all over the country. Not only is she connected to people in high profile institutions under the current administration, she was also connected to powerful heads of public entities under the Mahama led administration. This clearly means that there is a high probability that our political leaders are to blame for this whole mess. While Huang blackmails our “so-called” leaders with sex tapes and sex videos, she has conveniently expanded her illegal mining operations, especially in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

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When you hear people say that Aisha is powerful, then that’s the base. She was able to silence all persons who could lead to her prosecution and imprisonment, and she was able to take the law into her own hands and do with it as she pleased.
While the Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party, Richard Ahiagbah, never seems to be blamed for the losing battle or the war against illegal mining, the main people he says are to blame are security officials and traditional leaders. He further stated that the NDC has given up the fight against Galamsey so we must applaud the current government for the work done so far. So the results we see today?
However, Ahiagbah suggested that the law must be properly enforced because the challenge we currently have in this country is the enforcement of the very laws we have documented.

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