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Afia Schwarzenegger, has thrown her weight behind Nana Agradao for defrauding members of her church of various sums of money under the guise of doubling them

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According to previous videos shared online, Nana Agradaa disgruntled followers said they believed her words and gave her various amounts of money in the hope of receiving multiple fakes as promised.
But alas, it was not to be after she robbed them of their money and quickly went into hiding but was later arrested by the police as reported in a previous report on
Afia Schwarzenegger, who also shared her two cents on the development, insisted that what happened was only due to the bluffing of her church members and others who gathered at the church to take part in the fraud trial.
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“Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, did not take money from people in the church. Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray, did not double the money for the people in the church.
So, if you willingly and eagerly gave your money to someone to spend, thank God. At least we were able to fish out the stupid people among us. I don’t believe Agradaa did it, but even if she did, God bless her abundantly,” Afia was heard saying in a live Tik Tok video.

“I just hope that the Ghana Police will not waste our taxes, my taxes on stupid things like this,” Afia added.

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