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Advice to young guys aged 25 to 30

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  • Advice: Many young people who have reached the age of 25 to 30 find it difficult to get married because they want to get married or settle down earlier.

Do not make the mistakes that some of our fathers or older brothers made. Marry now with the little you have. Don’t wait until you’re a millionaire and have kids soon to grow with them.
It is important to grow with your children and succeed with your wife. You will never stop making money or achieving your plans.

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It is still possible for you to fail in your target year. So start your life early, with consistency you will grow.
My father told me when I was 25 that I was talking about making billions before I got married.
Many years later, the billions did not come, but no child and no wife. Very soon I got the opportunity to marry the most beautiful love of my life, but I was afraid if I can really take care of her? But right now she is married with four grown children.
The guy who married her was still in school at the time, but he had courage. They worked hard and succeeded together. I failed. Therefore, if you can feed yourself, you can feed your wife. You have to believe it, get married soon, don’t wait.
Don’t make our mistakes, I see my childhood friends playing with their kids and most of them aren’t doing as well as I am. But they are happier with their families.
Trust me it’s not just the money but rather your maturity. Note that your happiness depends entirely on your wisdom and the way you handle life.
You can build a mansion, buy the newest car in town, marry a sharon stone type but we still don’t have the things we dreamed of and of course the years we wasted but can never have.
Please don’t be 60 and your kids will still be 20. What should you be at that age? Their ancestors.
Please, young men, take my advice seriously and get married. Don’t worry that the girl you find too many faults with has many good qualities if you are good looking.
Don’t think you’ll get everything before you settle down. God can change your life in the blink of an eye, with good and focus
May God give you more understanding

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