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5 Best Social Media for Free Website Traffic

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When it comes to blogging, the entire success of a blog depends entirely on the number of individuals who visit your website. However, getting traffic to a new blog is not an easy task when you don’t have a big profile. In this tutorial, I will share with you how you can get a lot of traffic to your website by using the power of social media.
Social media is one of the best places to generate traffic from, but not all social media drivers are easy to manage, some are difficult while others are as easy as eating pizza (hahaha).
However, not all social media handles will work for every niche, so read to the end to know what will work best for you. But before we proceed, it is important that we know the importance of social media traffic.

Table Contents
Importance of social media traffic
The best social media tools to increase traffic to your blog
How to sign up for Quora
Reasons to use Pinterest
How to Create a Pinterest Business Account
How to create a Facebook page

Importance of social media traffic

Social media traffic is very important like organic traffic. If you’re a blogger who promotes affiliate programs like I am, you should take your social media traffic seriously.
No competition: Driving traffic from social media is easier than search engines. Search engines like Google are very competitive and when you publish a blog post it will be very difficult for people to find it.

Mostly when you are a new blogger starting out and don’t have enough money to pay an expert to do SEO for you. There is no SEO required with social media, all you need is to choose the right channel and build it until you get the results you want.

New Audience: Social media marketing helps you create a whole new list of customers who are actually interested in your content, compared to search engine traffic, which is instant traffic that may not come back to your site after you get a solution to a specific problem , who took them there.

Social media audiences have a higher conversion rate than search engine traffic because the moment they click the follow button on your social media handle, it means they are fully engaged with your content and will trust whatever products you recommend to them.

Returning Visitors: Your social media audience is likely to visit your site frequently because they will be notified whenever you create a new post. If you can create great content, 90% of people who come across it will probably follow you and turn on notifications.

Get Referrals: If your content has solved their problem, they may share it with their friends, family and groups they participate in with just the click of a button.

And most people visit because they trust a particular friend and this process of sharing will continue. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t look down on social media traffic.

Higher Sales: There is a good chance that your social media audience will buy a product from your website, either your personal product or an affiliate product.

They believe that they can easily turn to you for help when they have a problem with a product, compared to an organic traffic that barely knows you personally.
After all that, let’s focus on the promised topic.

The best social media tools to increase traffic to your blog

Combined, these social networks have increased daily traffic to my website by 70%, and I believe the same will be true for you if you can harness their power.
Quora is currently one of the largest question and answer platforms on the Internet. Quora is a platform where individuals go, ask questions so that experts or colleagues in that particular field can provide an honest and detailed answer.
Quora is currently the world’s most visited place for bloggers to get traffic as well as content ideas, and many people are already using it because it allows you to attach links to your answers that direct users to your website or affiliate products.

Best Social Media

Can you see the volume of Quora traffic on a monthly basis? This makes quora a great choice for increasing traffic to your website. However, to get the best traffic and be on the safe side, always provide more value before promoting your links and present yourself well in every space you join.
How to sign up for Quora
You will need to start by creating a quora account, which is also relatively simple.
Follow the below steps to create a quora account.
Go to

Now enter, you can either click on Facebook if you want to use Facebook or click on Google if you chose to use google, but you can also click on Sign in with email. And enter your details manually.
If you want to get maximum traffic from the quorum, it is advisable to answer at least 5 questions per day on a specific topic. As a beginner, you need to build an audience before promoting.
You can check out my Quora Traffic Hack Playlist more video will be added over time.

Pinterest is more of a search engine that only focuses on images and video clips. But most people think that Pinterest is mainly for home decor and food bloggers, but it’s not.

Best Social Media

Pinterest works well in almost all fields, your result from Pinterest will annoyingly depend on the effort you put into cultivating it. Pinterest is actually a traffic goldmine as it is underrated by most bloggers and business owners, which means you have more room to join and start generating traffic to your website for free.
Reasons to use Pinterest
There are many reasons why you should start using Pinterest now, whether as a blogger or a business owner.
Easier to stand out: Pinterest has a very flexible algorithm compared to Google’s, which favors older websites. You can start ranking easily on Pinterest if you can target a less competitive keyword.
Is a search engine: Pinterest is a huge search engine that gets most of its users from the United States, with this search engine-like feature of Pinterest, your content (pins) will still be available to searchers years after you publish it, and Google will never remove your content, just like Pinterest.

Pinterest gets around 1 billion visits per month (wow) which means there is a huge space for everyone to get traffic from. Make sure you don’t use your personal accounts to create pins on Pinterest as you will be limited.
How to Create a Pinterest Business Account
Sign in to your personal Pinterest account.
Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
Click on the nut icon in the upper right corner.
Go to Account Settings.
Click Linked Business Account.
Tap Create and Linked Business Account.
Follow the instructions to create a business account:…
Tap Done.

LinkedIn is popularly known as a platform designed for business owners and job seekers. As of 2022, Linkedin currently has more than 800 million users, which is really massive and a great source of traffic.
Currently, there is very little competition on LinkedIn as only a few percent of bloggers or business owners consider it as a means of increasing traffic, so you need to take advantage of this at this stage and become an authority before people realize the potential of Linkedin.
I currently use and will continue to use LinkedIn because of how the platform has been rebranded which now allows bloggers or content creators to write articles and publish on the platform.
However, LinkedIn currently does not promote articles on the platform compared to how they recommend a post.
So I advise you to join communities related to your niche and follow most of the active members and start posting quality content there to get a good audience before you start promoting your links.

Best Social Media

From the above analysis, you can see that there have been more than 1 billion visitors and visitors spend an average of 7 minutes on the platform.
Visitors who come to your website through LinkedIn can become customers or possibly email subscribers if your website has a special focus and the article that brought them to your website was able to solve their problem.


The majority of LinkedIn users are business owners looking for job candidates to employers and job seekers looking for jobs with over 600 million users originating from the United States of America.

Rather, Reddit is a combination of all the above sites and is one of the first multilingual social platforms. Reddit works for every field raging from finance, digital marketing, health, technology and entertainment.

Website Traffic
Reddit allows its users (Redditors) to share content in various formats such as videos, images, links and articles. Reddit seems a bit difficult, but it really isn’t if you are able to understand the rules and regulations of each community you join.
Compared to other platforms that don’t really pay more attention to links, Reddit actually loves links and promotes them more, that’s why it’s popular with people, but breaking the rules can easily get your account banned.
Source – Ezoic
To be on the safe side of Reddit, don’t start sharing links after a few days of joining subreddits or communities, as they will either mark your account as spam or likely get banned from the platform.

Reddit is undeniably one of the biggest social media sites with the highest number of monthly users and average time spent on the platform. Also, don’t forget to tap those big fans and change your google analytics from red to great (Hahaha, that sounds great).
Facebook is undeniably the largest social media platform with more than 2.9 billion users worldwide, according to research by Shareaholic, Facebook generates traffic more, faster and easier than other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora, thanks to the high volume of users after whole world.
Many years ago, Facebook was considered a platform for meeting new friends and chatting with family members who are far away from home.
However, things have taken a huge turn in recent years, Facebook is now a popular destination for bloggers and business owners due to its high usage volume.
Many big brands have even decided to run paid advertising on Facebook because they believe that Facebook is one of the easiest ways to build a loyal audience that will end up as customers.

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According to Similarweb, Facebook averages 19 billion monthly visits, making it a great source of traffic that everyone should consider. I personally use my Facebook page and profile to generate a lot of traffic to my website and most end up as email subscribers and some as YouTube subscribers as well.
However, when you promote links on Facebook, always be friendly and don’t spam, otherwise your link will easily block the face, so it is advisable to promote through your personal Facebook page.
How to create a Facebook page
Having a Facebook page is very important for your website or business because it helps Facebook and your target audience learn more about you and your business. Here are simple guidelines to follow when creating a Facebook page;
Go to
Add brand images. (Upload your profile and cover photo).
Fill in your page information.
Create your Facebook username (should be the same as your website or business name).
Add a call to action button.
Check the settings of your Facebook page and add the necessary information.
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The great advantage of social media traffic is that they keep coming back because they always see your newly published post and most social media easily understand what users need, so when they notice your content getting more attention, they promote it to interested users . in it too.
I believe that after this guide you will stop waiting for organic traffic, you will start generating tons of traffic from social media and when they become familiar with your content, they will consider searching for your content on search engines, which in turn will increase your organic traffic. (Sound too good to be true? Well it is!)
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